5 Things You Should Know About WWE’s Maryse

Get to know more of The Miz’s lovely main squeeze Maryse!

1. She was the winner of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003

maryse 1

Maryse was born in Montreal Quebec Canada where she started her career as a model. She won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003 pageant. She eventually competed in Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2004 and she got awarded 2nd runner up.

2. She was part of the 2006 Diva Search

She joined WWE’s Diva Search in the middle of 2006. She did quite well and she was part of the final 8 girls of the competition. She was the second one who got eliminated but she was invited by the WWE to be part of their developmental program which opened up numerous opportunities for her. The 2006 Diva Search was hosted by Maryse’s now current husband The Miz.


3. She had the Longest Reign as the Diva’s Champion before AJ Lee and Nikki Bella.

Maryse was considered the fastest rising Diva during her time when she won the Diva’s Championship six months after her debut against the first ever Diva’s champion Michelle McCool. She held the title for an impressive 216 days before losing it to Micki James in July 2009. After losing the title, she underwent a knee surgery but she went back to the WWE after recovering and eventually won the Diva’s title again in 2010 making her the first two time Diva’s champion in history.

4. She has a lot going on.

maryse career

Maryse can be seen everywhere! She recently launched her own brand called House of Maryse. She designs and sells clothes and apparently she’s the official stylist of her husband Miz.

When she got released by the  WWE in 2011, Maryse studied and got a certification to make her an accredited realtor in LA.

She was also part of the music video of Throw it on me by Timbaland.

Aside from that, she also modeled for Playboy magazine in numerous occasions. I’ll leave you to do your own research.

5. She had one creepy 61 year-old stalker.

It’s not surprising that Maryse gets a lot of attention from her fans but a 61 year old fan named Lee Silber went a little too far when he bombarded her phone with more than 50 voicemails and he even sent her several disturbing messages including ones saying that he will bring her to heaven with him. We don’t exactly know what that means but in 2011, Maryse was granted by the court a permanent restraining order against Silber.

Here’s a tweet from the dude for your reference:


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