Independence Day:Resurgence Review

Some frustrating logic, hammy acting and sparse story-telling prevent Independence Day: Resurgence from being the end-all-be-all of alien thrillers

Independence Day:Resurgence is set 20 years after the events of the first movie wherein we see a progressive and united humanity, one that has made great leaps in science and technology, come under attack once again by their alien foes.

Fireworks on the Fourth

The setting is one of Resurgence’s strongest suits. Making quantum leaps in the field of aviation and military science, in a bid to prevent any sort of invasion from happening again seems like a satisfyingly realistic reaction from the human race. The humans have fully functional military bases in Saturn and the Moon, all manner of Spacecraft flying and whizzing by everywhere and weapons crafted using alien technology all combine to give the film an almost  sci-fi tone to it. This direction is very much appreciated and gives it that unique flavor to set it apart from same-y films in the genre

The visual effects are also a standout as the destruction is the movie is some of the most harrowing that this Gladiator has ever seen depicted on film. With this the movie successfully establishes early on that the aliens are an impossibly overwhelming threat and that humanity doesn’t have a sliver of a chance against them. That feeling of dread and hopelessness is ever present in the first two acts of the movie and does well to keep one invested in its scope and scale.

Loopy Logic

Unfortunately, despite its promising start, the film ultimately crumbles in the third act due it some shoddy logic and inefficient storytelling. There’s even a certain plot thread involving a schoolbus that just completely derails all the movies pacing but ultimately fails to amount to anything of substance. It’s a shame because at times the movie feels like it could have used the much needed screen time to flesh out some of the more relevant characters.

The Aliens suffer from wildly flimsy motivation, jumping from viciously destroying the earth to ineptly chasing a schoolbus across the desert. Its all a bit too frustrating to see them be so efficient at destruction and so unfocused in getting what they want. There is also a very questionable cliffhanger that the film ends on that really exposes the holes in the narrative choices that the film has taken.

The result is an uneven, jumbled mess of a climax with logic bombs and story beats pull its punches in the endgame that really takes away from the films overall tone and impact.

Final Thoughts

id4-gallery2 (1).jpg
Independence Day: Resurgence boasts of a intriguing premis and some dazzling special effects, however it couldn’t hold out against the onslaught of shoddy logic, questionable story-telling and ham-fisted acting in its climax

6 Schoolbuses out of 10

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