TDKPH Cup: Battle for the Cowl

The word geek is a slang word used to describe someone who enjoys comicbooks and video games. Ordinarily, these “geeks” were never gifted with athletic skills. Well, that’s the conventional definition of what a geek is. In today’s world, who says geeks can’t play ball?

Last Sunday, June 19, The Dark Knight Ph together with four of the biggest geek communities in the Philippines sponsored a basketball tournament for a cause–TDKPH Cup: Battle for the Cowl. It is a 2-day basketball tournament with its second day on June 26. To add more excitement to the tournament, the organizers used Batman: Battle for the Cowl as the central theme of the tournament.

Ceremonial toss to start the tournament

Four Robins battle it out to determine who the real heir to the cowl is. Comics Club Philippines is one of the cornerstones in the comicbook community and they represent NIGHTWING, the renegade of the Bat-family. The Comic Brook, the first comicbook community in the Philippines, stands in the shoes of DAMIAN WAYNE, the legitimate son of Batman. Komiks Weekend is a group of local artists and comicbook creators who personify the intellectual RED ROBIN. Two groups, TDKPH and Statues & Collectibles Alliance Ph, merge to embody the black sheep of the Bat-family, RED HOOD.

TDKPH Cup: Battle for the Cowl game schedule

Like most of TDKPH’s events, Battle for the Cowl is a fund-raising event for the benefit of Eloisa Manalaysay who’s battling Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a blood disorder. A portion of the proceeds will be donated for Eloisa’s medication. The other half will be used as capital for the group’s Suicide Squad fan screening event. From there, the entire profit will be used for Eloisa’s blood dialysis procedure.

The winners of each match will earn 3 points while the losers will get 1 point. At the end of the tournament, the team which have the most points will be crowned as the rightful heir to the cowl. After day 1, here are the results of the tournament:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.18.59 AM

If you want to cheer for your favorite team (or your favorite Robin for that matter), you can go to Pasay Sports Complex this coming Sunday. Entrance is free; all you have to bring is popcorn. And if you still think that geeks can’t play, here’s another highlight from Damian Wayne!

And before we forget, our very own Raffy Leynes is part of Team SCAPH/TDKPH! Whohuuu!!! Let’s go Team Red Hood!

Paolo Ollero, the newbie Gladiator is also one of the founders of The Dark Knight Ph–the premier Batman group in the Philippines. He thinks that he’s a certified G and a bona fide stud, but he can’t even wrestle to save his life. And as the saying goes… you can’t teach [him] that!

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