Sony E3 2016 Round-up! All the announcements and why they’re awesome.

Sony and Playstation just knocked it out of the park at the grandest videogame stage of them all. Here’s a hearty recap of everything that went down during their press conference.


God of War (PS4)

Why its awesome: Sony started off strong debuting the first ever gameplay reveal of God of War 4. The latest iteration of their massive action-adventure franchise see Kratos take leap into Norse Mythology this time around. The change of scenery influences nearly everything about that character including a new found, eloquence and calm to his demeanor as well as a new runic Axe weapon that wields much like Thor’s Mjolnir. The gameplay that was shown also featured Kratos’ son and featured interactive mechanics revolving around their dynamic. It is not yet known as to whether the father-son mechanic with be featured heavily in the game or even if the game, simply titled “God of War” is a reboot or a sequel.

Days Gone

Why its awesome: First off, a little back story, developer Sony Bend is a studio in remote Bend, Oregon which is essentially cut off from the world. They are responsible for the massively popular Syphon Filter Franchise as well as PSP standalones of the Uncharted and Resistance games. The studio developed quite the cult following throughout the years because of their excellence and their mystique. In the recent years, Bend has been conspicuously absent from major gaming events leading to widespread speculation and curiosity as to what they’re working on. And finally after almost 4 years, Bend Studios has resurfaced in this year’s E3 to unveil their new game Days Gone.

The game pretty much speaks for itself: Post apocalyptic setting,  Biker culture, Shooting, Scavenging and Zombies. What’s interesting here is that the zombies appear to have actual mass and physics to them in a sense that when you face a horde of them, they tend to trip and fall over each other and their corpses can be used by other zombies to step over and get across physical obstacles, much like the zombies in the movie World War Z.

The Last Guardian

Why its awesome: Sony showed more of The Last Guardian which was already announced in last year’s E3. The fabled game is the spiritual successor of the PS2 classics, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and was in development since 2007 at the launch of the  PS3. Pundits and Analysts in the industry that widely opined that the game was secretly canceled after not having heard any news since its public reveal in 2009. Last year, The Last Guardian resurfaced to the amazement of all, featuring a seemingly environmental puzzle style gameplay with the ability to command a large flying creature, lovingly nicknamed “Bird-Dog”. This year it was revealed that the protagonist will be able to interact with at least 2 “Bird-Dogs” and that the game with be available in October 25, 2016.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Why its awesome: Guerilla Games (Killzone Franchise) showed off more of its new game Horizon: Zero Dawn. The new gameplay show more of what we saw when the game first wowed audiences at last year’s E3. Scavenging mechanics, Crafting, Shooting, Hacking mechanical creatures and riding them as mounts as well as the newly revealed dialogue wheel. Its already been announced earlier this year that the game will be delayed into a February 2017 release date, after originally targeting this year, to allow the team to put on some additional polish.

Detroit: Become Human

Why its awesome: Quantic Dream revealed gameplay of their upcoming narrative-driven game Detroit: Become Human. The gameplay showed a how player choices will affect the outcome of a given situation. The amount of variables seem staggering and their seem to be a wide range of branching paths the player could end up in. The footage also revealed a new protagonist in the game named Connor, a negotiator android working for the police. It would seem like Detroit is shaping up to be like Quantic’s critically acclaimed Heavy Rain, wherein the story with be told through the point of view of multiple characters.

Resident Evil 7

Why its awesome: Resident Evil is looking to return to its survival horror roots with the 7th installment in the series. The gameplay demo is creepy and eerie and is oddly reminiscent of P.T. Also of note is that the whole thing is set in first person, which is a huge divergence from the usual Resident Evil main line game formula. The game will release in January 2017 and will be available with the full PSVR experience. A free downloadable demo of the game is available on PSNetwork now.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 

Why its awesome: Call of Duty is looking to revitalize its long running franchise with huge leaps in terms of gameplay. Jumping way ahead to the far flung future, its newest installment is looking to be quite promising despite the initial unfavorable reaction by the fans as few weeks back. New mechanics such as ship and space combat provide a refreshing aspect to the familiar COD formula.



Why its awesome: I still can’t believe this happened. #savethebandicoot has worked and its brought Crash the Mother-lovin’ Bandicoot back to our doorsteps! Well, sorta. Sony announced that the original Crash Bandicoot, Crash 2 and Crash: Warped will be remastered from the ground up for Playstation 4. Crash will also appear first in the toys-to-life game, Skylanders: Imaginators as a playable character.

Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima unveils new game featuring Norman Reedus

Why its awesome: We’ve been following the whole Kojima saga ever since his untimely departure from Konami to announcing his exclusive partnership with Sony to finally unveiling his new game on the Sony stage: Death Standing. Nothing much is known about the game other that the fact that it is insanely creepy and haunting  stars Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame.

Spiderman (Ps4)

Why its awesome: Spiderman makes his way to the next gen as a PS4 exclusive! Insomniac games, the studio behind the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank franchises are sure to put their unique spin on the wallcrawler. The footage shows Spidey zipping and swinging through New York City in a new costume which is strikingly similar to his Marvel Movie counterpart. No word yet on whether this will tie in to the forthcoming “Spiderman: Homecoming” movie, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.

Here’s the entire Sony Presscon the other announcements we missed.

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