“The Matrix” Things You May Have Missed

Who hasn’t seen The Matrix? You know, that awesome blockbuster, action-filled, bullet-time filled movie that has spawned a whole different breed of film-making and action choreography that continues to be present on the big screen. I, for one, have seen it hundreds, nay, thousands of times since it came out, and the latest was just this weekend. The funny thing about it is that I noticed some things that I haven’t before and it made more sense to the movie, some of it, undoubtedly are in articles or forums across the internet, but let me just present to you my observations and point of view.


Stop me if you’ve heard this theory, in this scene we see Neo’s boss reprimanding him on his work and his enthusiasm, or lack thereof, in obeying rules.

Neo and Boss
“You think the rules don’t apply to you”

While this is going on, there are two people cleaning the windows. Now the theory goes like this, the soap on the window represents the Matrix, or the code that you see all throughout the movie. And that’s where the theory ends.

matrix code

Now here’s my take on it, while the boss is lecturing Neo on his penchant to disobey the rules, the camera angle shows us the window pane with soap on it (representing the Matrix), and while this goes on, Neo continues this rebellious side of his, until his boss asks him if he wants to remain in the company. Again, when this happens, we see Neo and his boss from a different angle, and then Neo assents to his boss.


At this very moment, the soap gets cleaned away, and thus represents Neo’s compliance with the rules of the Matrix. His compliance, therefore, made him part of the Matrix again, which resulted to the erasure of the code and his path to being The One. His corporate attire even solidifies this theory as Morpheus says later on in the movie that people who have yet to be freed are potentially agents, and with Neo’s compliance he became a part of that system.

It’s all a form of foreshadowing, or a glimpse of things to come as the theme of staying in the Matrix or being freed is planted on the viewers, and what the consequences of choosing one from the other.


I get it, in every article you’ve read you’ve seen this too. However, there might be one detail that people have overlooked or disregarded, and that detail lies in the place where Neo was told to meet Morpheus’ crew. Where did Morpheus tell Neo to wait? Well, Morpheus told Neo to wait on Adam’s Street.

adam street

Of course this would typically be overlooked as its a common name, but if you think of it Adam is the first man created by God. Then you think about the word “first” which would also mean “one”, and who might that pertain to? Neo, of course. Oh, and as we know, “Neo” is just an anagram for “one”. So coincidence? I say not.

keanu woah


Remember that part when Morpheus offered Neo the blue and red pill?

blue pill or red pill

And Morpheus explains that the pill will be used to identify Neo’s input/output signal? Well, it turns out Morpheus was lying about the pill, and that the pill induces a cardiac arrest on the one ingesting it. Don’t believe me? Well, humor me for a short while.

Upon ingesting the pill, Neo is led inside another room and asked to sit in a chair while Trinity straps him in and tapes wires on him to detect his input/output signal. Neo then sees the broken mirror mending itself and proceeds to touch it, the mirror then attaches itself to Neo and slowly climbs up his body until it goes through his mouth and the next thing we see is Neo appearing outside the Matrix.


Thing is, Neo died so that he could be freed. The mirror mending itself may be a sign of a cardiac arrest as he started to perceive the world differently, and might be a symptom of light-headedness.

mirror 2

The liquid going up his body may also be a sign of cardiac arrest as he felt cold, which again is another sign of cardiac arrest. Cypher yelling out that we’re losing him is also commonly heard in the E.R. as doctors try to revive the patient, and the clincher, just before the camera cuts away to the human mine field, we see Neo flatline.

It may be far-fetched on its own, but consider my earlier observation on religion and you’d see the comparison of Neo dying and then coming back to life as the savior of the human race. Sounds familiar? And what about his death in “Reloaded”? Well, Christians believe that Christ will come again to save humanity, which also happened when Neo died in “Reloaded” and then saved mankind at the end of “Revolutions”. This, again, draws parallel to the Religious theme of the movie.


While watching the movie, I couldn’t help but realize that the characters in the Matrix represent the 7 deadly sins. Don’t believe me? Well here’s the rundown:

GREED – Agent Smith

Agent Smith tortureGreed has been defined as an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs. In the movie Agent Smith’s desire is to live outside of the Matrix and free himself of its confines. In the process of attaining that need he employs Cypher to get him Morpheus and acquire the access codes to Zion’s mainframe. Of course his greed comes in the form of possessing more power than he already has in the matrix, and he proved that he will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means torturing someone.

GLUTTONY – The People

the people

Speaking of torturing, during that scene Smith tells Morpheus how he (Smith) classified human beings as a species. He described people as a cancer which spreads and takes everything until everything is dead. This describes the people as gluttons, one who excessively desires commodities at the expense of another. In this instance, the people excessively desire and consume commodities, like cancer, without replacing it or leaving some for other species to balance out the equation.

LUST – Mouse


Truth be told, this was the easiest to pinpoint. The simple answer as to why Mouse represents lust is his creation of the scene-stealing woman in the red dress. It simply catches the attention of a person and makes that person desire her in unspeakable ways, just ask Neo.

woman in red dress

What further solidifies this theory is when Mouse said “To deny our impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us humans.” If that doesn’t fully capture what lust is, then I don’t know what else.

WRATH – Tank

Tank kills Cypher

Tank as a representation of wrath took some time throughout the movie, and was only triggered when Cypher went bonkers and kills majority of the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew. His wrath was a culmination of being shot at by an electric laser thingamajig, the death of his brother Dozer, meaningless deaths of Apoc and Switch, and a divine intervention of saving Neo. While it may appear for the common good, Tank still showed wrath by his sole intention of avenging his brother’s death.

ENVY – Cypher

cypher smug

Isn’t this self-explanatory already? Well for the sake of explaining and doing something, Cypher is the epitome of envy. He oozes envy and jealousy from the moment we hear his voice, you know the one where he asks Trinity about Neo, to his creepy bordering on stalking way of asking why Trinity never brought him breakfast, and down to the point where he even made a deal with Smith just to be reinserted in the Matrix. That’s not all, he even killed his friends just to prove a point. This guy just wreaks envy all over.

PRIDE – Morpheus

morpheus come get it

If there is anything Morpheus is guilty of in this movie is, its his pride. He only has one goal and that is to find the one, and once he found it, he had his mind set and nothing could ever change that even if it meant sacrificing himself to save Neo. Had it not been for that iconic lobby scene, Morpheus would have died because of his pride. The Oracle even told Neo that Morpheus would give anything up just to save the One, which Morpheus did do.

SLOTH – Trinity

trinity dodge this

Sloth has been characterized as the failure to do things that one should do. Now how does this relate to Trinity? Let’s consider this, Trinity was given a prophecy that she will fall for the One; she knows this prophecy all along and doesn’t tell Morpheus, although Morpheus being full of pride would just tell her that what the Oracle said is for her and her alone, but don’t you think that this is an essential element for the One?

Trinity then helps in recruiting Neo and frees him from the Matrix. During that time she doesn’t tell Neo that she loves him and it takes them a few near death experiences during Morpheus’ rescue to realize that, and once she does think of telling Neo, she lingers and doesn’t tell him anyway.

trinity the sloth

The only time that she does act on it is when Neo faces certain death at the hands of Smith, and she faces her own death at the hands, er, claws of the sentinels. I’ve heard of people being bashful with their feelings, but she stands pat on this even though she knows of the importance of it. That, my dear readers, is sloth at its finest.

Having the 7 deadly sins again brings us back to the religious theme of the movie.


This, by far, is the best thing that I’ve discovered while watching the movie. The Oracle is basically just you’re grandma who you’ll always visit not just because of her wisdom and advise, but also because of her cooking/baking.

the oracle

Her wisdom, of course, is on display throughout Neo’s interaction with her. From her mindf*cking Neo by telling him not to worry about the vase, to using foreign language to drive a point, and even by telling if someone has a crush on you, she knows it all.

neo have a cookie

She also knows how to make everything better again just by giving you a treat, in Neo’s case, a cookie!

There you have it, some of my thoughts and theories on the classic movie, The Matrix. Do you have any other opinions or theories that I failed to include? Let me know at the comment section below.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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