Comic Book Investing 101: DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth is happening and with all the positive buzz and reception it’s shaping to be a much needed return to form for DC. Its also looking like a prime opportunity to invest in some soon-to-be-classic comicbook goodness and the Geekend Gladiators are here to break it all down for you.

Rebirth is upon us and with all the rumors going around the web it is hard not to be thrilled with this “not a ‘reboot’…it never was.”Say whatever you want regarding DC, but this is the bold move we’ve been waiting for ever since Flashpoint.

Most of the older fans hated the new 52 reboot DC did during 2011. One of the criticisms was that the heroes lost what made them breathtaking. It is one thing to say that, “no, this is not the Batman I grew up with,” and another to say “Whatever happened to Batman?” The latter suggests that the older fans miss the glorious days of the old DC Universe.

The New 52 reboot was widely considered to be a failure since it did not get enough readers to compensate for the loss of older fans. The fact that they’ve acknowledged this mistake is a step closer to progress. With Geoff Johns overseeing Rebirth, we are quite optimistic and hopeful that this will make DC great again.

Having said that, Rebirth can possibly be the foundation that they’ve been lacking for the past n years. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we see some of the new #1’s increase in value.


Some of the New 52 #1’s reached the $100 club. It is astonishing for a modern-age book to outdo most of the silver-aged books as regards value. It wouldn’t be a surprise if some Rebirth #1’s will replicate the success of their predecessors. But the million dollar question is, which books have the possibility of joining that $100 club?

Fret not, the Geekend Gladiators came up with a list of books that has the probability of becoming a good investment.

Rebirth’s success, unlike New 52, rests mainly on the creative teams for every title. You have those obvious books that will become a sure hit just because of first appearances, but if we follow the trend, good stories from good creative teams are better investments compared to the former. Case in point, Batman #1 vis-à-vis Batman #2; the latter issue is the first appearance of the Talons but #1 is five times the value of #2



The Flash: Rebirth #1 and The Flash #1


Rumors are circulating that The Flash has a big role in Rebirth. The Flash: Rebirth#1 also marks the first appearance of a new villain, Godspeed. More than that, The Flash: Rebirth #1 is the second most pre-ordered book for this month.

The Flash has one of the best creative teams in the Rebirth line-up. Nailbiter and Birthright creator, Joshua Williamson will write the series, while the interior will be the responsibility of Carmine di Giandomenico.

While Carmine’s style is perfect for the Flash, we can’t say the same for Joshua. But with his credentials, it’s hard not to give this series a chance. But hey, think about it, Scott Snyder got the same criticisms when it was reported that he’ll handle Batman #1.


Batman: Rebirth #1 and Batman #1

This is a no-brainer, “Batman” and “#1” are two things people will always want. Batman #1 (vol.2) had an estimate sale of 188,420 copies. And to think, demand for the book exponentially increased after a few weeks from its release. With that many copies and that high of a demand, that says a lot about “Batman” and “#1.”

Tom King, an ex-CIA agent and the writer for this series, has yet to prove that he can handle Batman. His run in Grayson is exceptional but he hasn’t actually written any Batman stories. The undercover agent type of stories worked well for Grayson, but we’re having doubts how his style will bode well for Batman.

Regardless who the writer is, you’ve got David Finch on board, so that should be a big plus for this series.



Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 and Green Lantern #1

If you haven’t noticed, the first appearances of Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are being sold for $25 and $15 respectively. This fact alone should convince you that DC is planning something big for the new lanterns.

Ever since the New 52 reboot, DC was already testing the waters with Simon Baz. He became a sure hit after John’s run with Green Lantern. Also, in Darkseid War, you get a sense that Jessica Cruz a.k.a. Power Ring has a pivotal role in the story. So there really is a push for these two characters. Well, with Hal Jordan gone, these two characters will be the central figures for the Lantern series.

Also, before we forget, Ethan van Sciver will do interiors for GL Rebirth then Robson Rocha will pick it up from there. Rocha is one of DC’s rising stars, so this book has what it takes to make it to the $100 club.


Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 and Suicide Squad #1

This book will be released this coming August—just in time for the new movie. DC is investing so much with the Suicide Squad. Heck, they even gave Jim Lee interior duties for this series. You know they mean business when they place Jim Lee in interiors.

If you haven’t read Harley Quinn: April Fools Special #1, go pick it up and read it. Rob Williams has proven that his story telling is worth Jim Lee’s pencils.

From an investment point of view, Suicide Squad #1 sold 44,981 copies worldwide. It is barely one-fourth of the total copies sold for Batman #1. What’s more surprising is that Batman #1 has dipped to $100 while Suicide Squad appreciated to $120. We’re expecting the same trend with Suicide Squad Rebirth so there should be no reason for you not to get this.



Harley Quinn #1


The versatility of Harley is the reason why she’s the “it” girl in the DC Universe. She has a HUGE fan base; there will always be a high demand for her character. In addition, this series will bring in Batman and a zombie apocalypse—another two things that people love.

As big as Harley is, much of her success comes from the team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. This power couple has brought out the quirky, strong, and lovable traits from Harley. We’re expecting the same output in Rebirth. You should also keep an eye out for that Bill Sienkiewicz variant. We know how great he is. With that talent and this much character in this book, that variant will be a sure hit.


Nightwing: Rebirth #1 and Nightwing #1

Tim Seeley has a lot to prove. With Tom King carrying much of the creativity load in Grayson, Seeley has yet to make a mark in the DC Universe. He had a lot of chances before, but he was never given enough exposure to showcase his true potentials.

Nightwing will be Seeley’s saving grace. What DC is planning for Nightwing is an assurance that they’re not ready to let go of Seeley. From the Rebirth books, Nightwing has most interesting plotline: The Talons and Dick’s bloodline.

The artist for the book, Javier Fernandez, is what Seeley needs to climb up the ladder. His art is spectacular—heavy crisp lines with a lot of texture. The team of Seeley and Fernandez is something to look out for. It has the potential to be the next Batman #1.



New Superman #1


The pairing between Gene Luen Yang and Victor Bogdanovic is probably what the new Superman needs to be at par with the original DC trinity. Gene has won a couple of Eisner Awards but his success hasn’t translated yet in the DC Universe. Last year he was given a storyline that doesn’t compliments his strengths. Gene is best with stories that promote cultural diversity. This actually works for Kenan Kong, the Chinese Superman.

Victor Bogdanovic is also a beast! His precise lines make him one of the sought-after artists in the industry. After handling interior work for Batman Arkham Knight, We’re pretty sure that capes are one of Victor’s strengths. He can easily make Kenan Kong regal with his red cape.

If you’re thinking of missing out on this #1, just consider this… Batman/Superman #32 is already at the $30 mark. It seems like DC is cashing on Kenan Kong as the new face of diversity.


Super Sons #1


Besides its September release, not much has been said about Super Sons. Neither rumors nor theories are popping out regarding this title. The silence surrounding this book has made it more interesting.

From what we’ve gathered, Super Sons are Damian Wayne and pre-Flashpoint Superman’s son, John Kent. If that’s not enough, Convergence: Superman #1 (first appearance of John Kent) is already worth $20 in eBay.

What are you picking up from Rebirth? Let us know in the comments below! Also check out our other Nerd Hacks such as How to get in to Comicbooks and A noob-friendly guide to Podcasts


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