How Captain America knew about Tony’s parents- Civil War Ending Explained [Spoilers]

We might have already seen the exact scene where Cap finds out.

(Warning: Spoilers for Captain America:Civil War. I will detail a very crucial plot point essential to the climax of the movie. Please do not read if you have not watched it.)

The final act of the movie sees Ironman, Captain America and Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier, exploring the remains of a long dormant russian facility where the Winter Soldier program was created and carried out.


Baron Zemo shows Tony video footage of the night his parents were murdered and it is revealed that they were actually assassinated by Bucky himself. Tony is immediately engulfed with anger but before he acts, Steve Rogers holds him back in defense of his friend Barnes.  This prompts Tony to ask Steve: “Did you know?” After dodging the question several times Captain America finally answers in the affirmative. This throws Tony into a murderous fit of rage, kickstarting the final battle of the movie.

That glorious final battle.

This whole thing begs the question though: How did Steve know about Tony’s parents?

The answer lies in the previous movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Remember that scene when Black Widow and Cap confront the living computer, Arnim Zola?


Well part of their exchange went a little like this:

Zola:” …The new HYDRA grew, a beautiful parasite, inside SHIELD. For 70 years, HYDRA has been secretly feeding prices, reaping war.”

“..And when history did not cooperate..


..history was changed.”


Black Widow: That’s impossible, SHIELD would have stopped you.

Zola: Accidents…


….. will happen.



See that?

That right there is Tony’s dad. Howard Stark himself albeit much much younger.

This might’ve been exactly where Cap first found out about the events and later decided to withhold this information from Tony.

You can also see from the newspaper clippping that the date eerily matches up with the one in Civil War. Zemo wanted to debrief Bucky about the December 16, 1991 mission, which we found out was the one where he assassinated Howard and Maria Stark. The newspaper was dated December 17, 1991 when the public presumably found out about the tragic “accident”.

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33 thoughts on “How Captain America knew about Tony’s parents- Civil War Ending Explained [Spoilers]

  1. Also in Civil war when Bucky was talking to Capt America and Sam about how he wasnt the only winter soldier…it flashes to when the car accident occurred. That could have been when Bucky told them that he killed Starks parents and stole what was in the trunk.


  2. Watched Captain America: Winter Solider again, and if you remember, at the end scenes Black Widow gave Steve Rogers some Russian files that he requested. It’s all infos linked to the Winter Soldier, possibly this is were he knew that Bucky is the one resonsible for Howard Stark’s death.

    Russian files . . . or HYDRA files? I could understand the files that Natasha had given to Steve were KGB files. But the HYDRA files were electronic. And the only evidence that Zemo had regarding Bucky’s role in the Starks’ death was a video tape.

    This whole thing was clumsily handled.



    Did Bucky even know he killed tony’s parents??? Did he knew when he saw the video with tony and cap or did he always knew?


  4. And yes that makes sense I forgot that clip in the winter Soldier wow that why I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe even when you are not paying attention it can bite you in the ass…and wow I get it


  5. Watched Captain America: Winter Solider again, and if you remember, at the end scenes Black Widow gave Steve Rogers some Russian files that he requested. It’s all infos linked to the Winter Soldier, possibly this is were he knew that Bucky is the one resonsible for Howard Stark’s death..


  6. That’s not how it went down. This is what happened…

    Tony: did you know?

    Captain: I didn’t know it was him

    Tony: don’t bullshit me. Did you know??

    Captain: yes

    But I do agree with the theory that captain didn’t know it was Bucky but knew that HYDRA was involved. He didn’t know for sure that it was Bucky until they all watched the video.

    My boyfriend thinks that Captain lied the first time and then admitted that he DID know Bucky did it. But I don’t agree with that.

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  7. Hi I have seen the movie a few times.
    That scenes went like this:
    Tony: Did you know?
    Steve: I didn’t know it was him
    Tony: Don’t bullshit me Rogers! Did you know?!
    Steve: Yes… (probably only admitting that he knows it was HYDRA)
    Tony only knew that his parents were kill in a car accident.

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  8. It’s cool that the dates match up. However it’s a shame that the dates don’t match exactly with the day after looking at an old calender?! Also it’d be nice if Scarlet Witch and the Vision got together!


      1. no i would have not been shown because this was also meant to suprise us as we didnt know what to expect


  9. I was talking with someone about this too and believe Cap only knew Hydra had something to do with the death.
    When Iron man asked Cap..

    Iron man – Did you know?
    Cap – I didnt know it was Bucky!
    Iron man – Dont lie to me
    Cap – Yes!

    I think that confused my friend. Cap was only admitting he knew about Hydra behind the deaths but not knowing it was Bucky until they all saw the video.

    My friend think Bucky told Cap somewhere in the movie, but I told him that would have been shown.

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  10. Thanks for this. But how did Baron Zemo know that the death of Tony’s parents would have any connection to the Winter Soldier at the start? The whole basis of his scheme turns on it, and yet he never gets any solid information about until the scheme is well underway, and he gets Bucky to talk. He’s not connected to HYDRA, is he?

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    1. he found Natasha’s dump which included the incident….several people at Shield including Nick Fury had to know. If it was encrypted…it was possible he learned that way…although that seems far fetched….since there is so much he doesn’t know


  11. Thanks for this. My husband was wondering so I googled. But this also means Black Widow knew and didn’t say anything either. Is that correct?

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      1. the way it played out was confusing though
        as I saw it:
        iron man: did you know? (as in did you know bucky killed them)
        cap: no (I didn’t know bucky killed them)
        iron man: don’t bullsh*t (lie) did you know? (that bucky killed them)
        cap: yes (I knew bucky killed them)


      2. I think the way it went was

        Ironman: did you know?

        Cap: no he wasn’t..

        (Meaning he wasnt in control of his actions)

        Ironman: Don’t bullshit with me Rogers, did you know?

        Cap: Yes, but I didn’t know it was him.


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