When we last left off the Marvel Cinematic Universe…


It has been a while since we’ve gone back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the latest film in the series being Marvel’s Ant-Man premiering in July of 2015. With the new Captain America: Civil War movie upon us, We thought we’d whip up a little refresher course on where we last left of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

( Warning: Spoilers for all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far.)

Winter Soldier awakens


Captain America: The Winter Soldier was focused on the titular character, the Winter Soldier an elite undercover operative under the employ of SHIELD/HYDRA. During the course of the movie, The Winter Soldier is revealed to be a brain-washed Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ childhood best friend who he thought he lost in the events of the The First Avenger. The climax of The Winter Soldier saw Bucky Barnes make his way to the Smithsonian to find out more about his former self. It was been severely hinted in the trailers for Civil War Bucky’s story will be a pivotal plot point in the upcoming movie.

The Death and Rebirth of S.H.I.E.L.D

The events of Captain America: Winter Soldier have revealed the terrorist organization H.Y.D.R.A. to have been pulling the strings of the international peacekeeping organization S.H.I.E.L.D all along. In the movie, Captain America, Black Widow, Maria Hill and Nick Fury uncover a nefarious plan called Project Insight. The plan consisted of using a predictive formula called “Zola’s algorithm” to analyze, predict and pinpoint all potential threats to SHIELD/HYDRA and using 3 sophisticated Insight Helicarriers to eliminate those threats “a few million at a time”

Captain America and the crew manage to put a stop to Project Insight and expose SHIELD/HYDRA to the public, causing probes and investigations that effectively dismantle SHIELD as an organization.

At the conclusion of the Avengers: Age of Ultron, however, we see that Nick Fury comes in on a brand new Helicarrier and rescues The Avengers from the destruction of Sokovia. This new SHIELD is shown to be better equipped for civilian rescue and already have Maria Hill and War Machine on board. When asked by Quicksilver if this is SHIELD, Cap remarks: “It’s what SHIELD is supposed to be”

 New Avengers Initiative


At the very end of Age of Ultron, the newly formed SHIELD begins training the newest crop of Avengers. Led by Captain America and Black Widow the new recruits are: Warmachine,The Vision, Falcon and Scarlet Witch. (Random observation: All of them can fly) The New Avengers facility is also shown to be run by Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Dr. Helen Cho and Dr. Erik Selvig in the background.

The host of new characters doesn’t end there though. We also see that Scott Lang as Ant-Man has been introduced to the MCU and has even tangled with one of the New Avengers , through his own stand-alone movie. While trying to infiltrate what he thought was a now-defunct SHIELD facility turned out to be the New Avengers Compound. And who was there on guard duty? none other than Sam Wilson aka The Falcon.

Scott manages to hold his own against the Winged Avenger and subsequently escapes with the Mcguffin that he needed to acquire. In fact, he left such an impact on Falcon that at the end credits of Ant-Man, he is shown to be looking for latter through various channels and networks.


 Hulk is gone


Seeing the destruction that he caused in Wakanda when Scarlet Witch took over his mind, Hulk banished himself to a self-imposed exile. He did so for fear of endangering Natasha Romanoff, whom he has formed a romantic bond with, as well as the other people around him. The Hulk was shown to have taken a cloaked Quinjet and rode it off to the proverbial sunset as Black Widow desperately tries to get him to come back.

A little later, Nick Fury informs Widow that they tracked the aircraft when it landed in Fiji. Whatever the case maybe, It appears that the Jade Giant is now off the grid.

 Iron Man “taps out”


Whatever the hell that means. Also at the end of Age of Ultron, Tony Stark tells Captain America that its time for him to “tap out”  and maybe live on a farm taking a page out of Clint Barton’s book. It isn’t entirely clear what this means, he is heavily featured in the promotional material for Civil War (and quite franky, it won’t be much of a Civil War without him.)

It’s not the first time this has happened either, the end of the abysmal Iron Man 3 saw Tony being heavily hinted at hanging up the Red and Gold. He detonates all of the 42 Iron Man Armors involved in the House Party Protocol as well as getting the shrapnel from his chest surgically removed. This is once again totally unclear because we see him in action against the forces of Ultron later on as well.

 Thor seeks out the truth behind the Infinity Gems



During the course of Age of Ultron, Thor goes on a weird, vaguely explained detour to find the truth. One that involves questionably taking a bath in front of an elder gentleman.

We weren’t kidding
He’s return having uncovered the truth behind Loki’s Scepter being the bearer of the Mind Stone and promptly aids in bringing the Vision, the new bearer of the gem, to life. Vision is shown to be worthy of the Mjolnir thereby easily allowing the team to see that he can be trusted.

Thor later explains to Tony and Steve that the Mind Stone is the 4th (out of 6) Infinity Stones that have shown up in the last few years. He believes that all these instances are related to one another an that some has been manipulating them as pawns. Thor then seeks to find out the truth as disappears within the light of a reconstructed Bifrost.

Oh and here’s the deleted scene for reference.

Destruction. Just wanton destruction all over the world.


There have been so much cataclysmic destruction all over the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Phase 2. Let’s recap:

Stark’s Malibu Home destroyed

The Mandarin/ Aldritch Killian launched an airstrike on Tony Stark’s Malibu Home in Iron Man 3 resulting in its immediate destruction. The Garage, however, was still shown to be somewhat operational and was able to initiate the House Party Protocol at the climax of the movie. Nevertheless this prompted Tony to move his primary base of operations to New York at the newly reconstructed Avengers Tower.

The Battle of London


In Thor: The Dark World, The villainous dark elf, Malekith planned to release a vaguely powerful and dangerous substance called the Aether through the universe. He plans to do so during the cosmic event  called The Convergence wherein all the Nine Realms align and can be accessed by one other. Malekith’s chosen point to unleash his evil plan is, unfortunately enough, Greenwich, London. Thor and Malekith do battle across the streets of London, while alternately teleporting through the different Realms.

It’s all very confusing and complicated but I assure you 2 things: It was awesome and there was plenty of destruction to go around.

The Washington D.C. Incident


At the climax of The Winter Soldier, Captain America aided by Black Widow and Falcon manage to reprogram the Insight Helicarriers to fire upon each other and assure their mutual destruction. The Helicarriers plunge into the depths of the Potomac River, with one partially destroying the S.H.I.E.L.D. base Triskellion, while presumably hundreds of thousands of civilians bear witness to the horrifying chaos that ensues. This is a catastrophic political nightmare shortly followed by all of SHIELD’s dark secrets are uploaded to the internet by Black Widow in a very Wikileaks like moment. Civil War is expected to lightly address this issue as one of the main reasons to enact the Sokovia Accords (The MCU equivalent of the Superhuman Registration Act in the comics)

Speaking of Sokovia..


 The Destruction of Sokovia

The above-mentioned Sokovia Accords are named after this cataclymic event in Age of Ultron. The cybernetic demigod Ultron’s motivation in the film was to wipe out the human race and have it evolve naturally through its nigh-extinction.

He planned to achieve this by dropping a rock on us.

That rock just happened to be Sokovia, where the whole entire AoU movie had started and hometown of the twins: Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. As Nick Fury came flying in to rescue the Avengers (see: The Destruction of SHIELD above) Ultron managed to take control of one of the Quinjets and set his sights on dear old Clint Barton. As the hail of gunfire descended upon Hawkeye,  Quicksilver dashes in and is able to push Barton out of the way. However, Quicksilver himself was hit by several of the bullets and collapses to the ground. His lifeless body is shown being loaded in a Quinjet shortly after.

The loss of her brother causes Scarlet Witch to unleash a violent outburst that destroys quite a few Ultron Clones in the vicinity. Wanda abandons her post to seek vengeance against Ultron as one of the dying Clones manages to limp over the activation mechanism and cause the hovering Sokovia to come hurtling down to Earth.

This prompts Iron Man to enact his contingency plan of destroying the city in such a way that it fragments into smaller, less harmful chunks. The plan works. Most of the civilians are evacuated. However, they just lost one whole damn city and one awesome speedster.

No, Pietro, we didn’t see that coming. To be fair you didn’t either. 

We think that’s a good place to leave off going into Captain America: Civil War. There are other things that happened like Loki “dying” then turning out to be alive and impersonating Odin but we don’t think it’s going to be entirely relevant to the coming movie. We’ll update this article later we it does become relevant, presumably before Thor: Ragnarok or Infinity War.

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