We found Deathstroke’s Cat here in the Philippines!

In visiting a local cemetery in Manila that my family and I frequent, we often come across a unique feline that has half of its face colored black and the other half orange. We’ve aptly named him Slade (we’ll explain later) We’ve tried many times to take a picture of it but it has proven to be an elusive quarry.

However, in a recent visit we’ve chanced upon our clearest photo of it to date. Behold, Slade: The Kitten-minator:


Astute comic nerds may instantly note that this cat remarkably resembles the DC Super Villain Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson. The latter, characterized by the iconic half-black, half-orange face mask, has typically been a thorn in the Teen Titan’s/ Batman’s and Nightwing’s collective sides and has been featured very prominently in the WB animated TV show Teen Titans and the animated movie Son of Batman.


I did some digging around the ole’ interwebs to find a possible explanation to this phenomenon and I uncovered what maybe a distant cousin of Slade. Meet Venus!


Apparently, Venus has become an internet phenomenon over the past couple of years as the Chimera Cat. Similar to our little Slade, Venus has half of her face inexplicably shaded black. On top of that, Venus’ eyes are shaded very differently with one side being blue and the other is a regular shade of yellow. Venus the Two Faced cat is also a huge social media star it seems as her facebook page boasts oh.. just over 1 million followers.

imageHopefully Venus could throw some of that scratch (heh) over to our boy Slade whose been living in a less than glamorous life in Manila Cemetery. He could sure use some.

Especially now that he’s got little Ravager to take care of.



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