The Philippines Breaks World Record for Most Number of New Pregnancies in One Day

Manila, Philippines. In a historic turn of events, the Philippines has broken the Guinness World Record for Most Number of New Pregnancies in one single day.

On April 1, 2016, an unfathomable 85, 000,000 filipinos simultaneously announced their pregnancy by posting multiple pictures of Ultrasound images and positive pregnancy tests on their various social media profiles.

This unprecedented occurrence has made it in to the Guinness Book of World Records shattering the previous record of 14 by an astronomical margin.

Even more astounding, is the fact that the sudden influx of newly-born babies will effectively double the Country’s population to at least 170, 000, 000  in a span of 9 months .

In related news, the Department of Tourism has motioned to change its slogan to “It’s more fun in the Philippines…  If you know what we mean ;)”

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