Geekend Destinations: Mosaic by the Creek

Here at Geekend Gladiators, we are not only passionate about our comic books, TV shows, movies and video games, we are also insanely passionate about our food! In this edition of Geekend Destinations, Gladiators Gino and Phoebe went out and tried “Mosaic by the Creek,” in Industrial Vallley, Marikina.

As with every Geekend Destination review, ratings are divided among five categories, with five points each and totaling 25 points, namely: food, ambiance, service, affordability, and level of geekiness.

As a brief background, Mosaic by the Creek is a cafe and an art workshop in Marikina. It was/is primarily known for its, you guessed it, mosaic workshop. The cafe opened recently, and is owned by Bubbies Deli.


Phoebe’s take:

So, me and Gino, we kinda have a thing. We get a table for two, but food for twenty. We don’t usually “over-order”, but when we do, we finish everything (see what I did there?).

Pink Salmon Farfalle

For a change, I ordered Pink Salmon Farfalle. I don’t usually order seafood or white sauce based pasta, but I’m glad I ordered their pink salmon dish. Imagine tuna carbonara, but instead of tuna, you get salmon, with this awesome white sauce and cute ribbon shaped pasta. Since we love chicken wings, we tried their Filipino Style Chicken Wings. It’s not your conventional breaded and fried chicken wings, it’s actually like my nanay’s fried chicken, no fuss, no breading, just your simple deep fried chicken. It’s simple yet tasty, it brought back memories of childhood. For desert, we ordered Calamansi Cheesecake. Gino was kind of skeptical at first, but we both loved it after the first bite. It was tangy but sweet, it’s like their take on key lime pie, it was so good.

Filipino Style Chicken Wings

Phoebe’s score: 4.75/5

Gino’s take:

Spaghetti with Meatballs

For my dish, I ordered their Spaghetti with Meatballs, coz why not? The thing is, I didn’t know what to expect with the dish since everyone has their own take on the classic spaghetti with meatballs. What was served to me was an ordinary looking dish, or what you’d expect from your restaurant by choice. However, looks can be deceiving. The pasta was well cooked, it wasn’t over or under cooked, it was cooked perfectly. The sauce had that Italian taste, just the way I liked it, and the meatballs were savory. Though, I could complain about the portion of serving at first, but upon finishing the dish, I realized that the serving was just right. Way to go for Mosaic for nailing that down.

As for the Filipino Style Chicken Wings, I was skeptical with what the dish looks like and tastes like. Upon serving the dish I was underwhelmed with what it looked like, but again looks are deceiving in this restaurant. Once I tried the dish I couldn’t help but feel transported back to my mom or grandmother’s kitchen with the no-nonsense type approach of the wings. It is a true embodiment of the Filipino Style Chicken Wings, no coating, no nothing, just wings deep fried in oil. The wings were also cooked perfectly as it wasn’t dry nor under cooked. What I do wish was that they had a signature dip or sauce to go along with the wings. But beggars can’t be choosers, am I right?

Calamansi Cheesecake

For dessert, Mosaic delivered once again. As earlier stated by Phoebe, I had my doubts on the Calamansi Cheesecake, the good thing though was when I took my first bite I was converted to a believer. I mean, I’ve never tried anything like that and its weird that I instantly liked it. The dessert had that punch right at the ending after you have the creamy, sweet taste of the cheesecake and then ooomph it hits you with the tangy taste. It was the perfect dish to the end of a great meal.

Gino’s score: 4/5


Phoebe’s take:

Oh hello there wine bar, was the first statement that popped up in my brain, and then I saw the chairs and tables. Here’s the thing, the restaurant is an arts and crafts place first, and restaurant second, looking at its facade, you’ll never guess that there’s so much artsy stuff going on inside. The chairs and tables are, literally, works of art. They are the penultimate representation of the place. The dining area itself is simple, the lighting is good, the wine bar looks elegant and sophisticated, what binds the whole place together are the chairs and tables showcasing different mosaic patterns. It was truly an homage to the restaurant’s concept.

Phoebe’s score: 4/5

Gino’s take:

Honestly, since the restaurant is new, I didn’t know what to expect, but once we walked through their doors and saw the interior of the restaurant, I couldn’t help but believe that such a place existed. It was elegant and stylish and soothing at the same time. The lighting of the place really set the mood. If Phoebe focused on the wine bar, I focused on the chairs and tables and the ornaments that hung on the wall. I couldn’t put a finger on what really made this place stand-out, but its a good thing, because even now I can’t help but think of the place.

Gino’s score: 4/5


Phoebe’s take:

As of this writing, my mind cannot fathom the fact that there exist a restaurant with a service crew that is so polite, so courteous, so kind, and so friendly. Not that the other restaurants are lacking in this category, its just that their service crew is extra-everything. I immediately felt at home when they welcomed us. Their service crew escorted us from the entrance up to our table, he was polite and smiling all the time. They were so accommodating with our requests, and patient as we were deciding on the food that we would want to order. We didn’t wait long for our food to arrive, it was served hot and fast, and that made me happy.

Phoebe’s score: 5/5

Gino’s take:

Since I set this date up, I had to communicate with the restaurant before hand to secure a table for us. From the time I communicated with them until the moment we arrived, all I can say is that they are probably the nicest, warmest, caring, hospitable people EVER! They greeted us from the entrance and escorted us to our tables, they waited patiently for us for our order, they know how to say “excuse me”, they know how to take the order and everything else. We even asked if we could get in their workshop, to which they readily obliged and even entertained us while we snooped around the workshop. I mean, talk about going the extra mile here. This place is pure class.

It pains me to say that I can’t give them a score higher than 5, because truthfully, they deserve at least a 10.

Gino’s score: 5/5


Phoebe’s take:

Yes guys, you guessed right, free food for Phoebe. Yay! For under a thousand pesos, we get to get to eat good food. I should have opted to have that workshop though, next time I will not say no to a free workshop (AHEM!).

Phoebe’s score: 4/5

Our bill came in this awesome Mosaic box

Gino’s take:

Yeah, yeah, I was the one who paid for the dinner, but it wasn’t that expensive at all. For 4 dishes and drinks, I spent only a total of P880.00. Not bad. And when you couple that with their outstanding service and their food, it’s really worth the deal.

Take note, however, that the bill would increase if you opted to also have a workshop on making mosaics as one session would cost you around the same price as our bill. But I’m sure it would be worth it.

Gino’s score: 4/5


Phoebe’s take:

Anyone who loves arts and crafts, or would like to experience something new and interesting, Mosaic by the Creek is the best place to go. Mosaic isn’t entirely geeky, but who cares, you get to show your artistic side, or if you think you don’t have that side, who knows maybe Mosaic by the Creek would inspire your inner muse to get you to do something creative and beautiful.

I personally encourage the parents or would parents, to bring their children here. Let them get their hands dirty and actually create something lovely and awesome. This is a much better birthday gift than a new cellphone.

Phoebe’s score: 5/5


Gino’s take:

Arts and crafts enthusiasts, or people who want a new skill or even something to impress their dates, this is probably the place for you. While the whole dining experience may have nothing to do with the geek factor, the workshop will ultimately quench that hunger for something geeky. For sure, making mosaics is the restaurant’s main hook for its diners, and with the short time we spent with the person in charge with the workshop, we know you’ll have a grand time. I also observed that this would be a great place for parents to bring their children to get their creative juices going.

As for those who dig the new dining experience, this is likewise a great spot for you. After all, geek factor may also be synonymous with romantic place, and this is definitely one that you should try.

Gino’s score: 5/5


…aaaaaannnnnd they’re gone…


The total score: 22.5/25

MOSAIC BY THE CREEK is located along Major Dizon St., Barangay IVC, Marikina City. It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 10:00AM until 9:30PM. You may contact them at: 09179924943.



Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek

Phoebe is a lawyer wanna-be by day and moonlights as the Gladiators’ all around girl. She dabbles in arts and crafts and loves writing about the dark side of the moon. #Awesome


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