In The Car After (Ep.15) Deadpool


In this week’s episode we talk about Deadpool!

So straight up confession: We’re pretty lukewarm on the movie, probably because our expectations were so bloated and hyped up which we know is not the best way to enjoy a movie. We also know that we are in the absolute minority in this and if you liked the movie that is also absolutely, perfectly fine.  We do get into how we feel about it in the recording which starts at 19:25 after this week’ But First Some News.

We also get to talk about The Cinefilipino Film Festival 2016 featuring Buhay Habangbuhay, a local comicbook turned into a movie; The Ghostbusters Reboot; The new Prison Break Reboot, and Denise gives us the lowdown on the recent developments in the WWE  and Road to Wrestlemania 2016!


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