5 Geeky Gift Ideas for Your Nerdy Special Someone


Valentine’s day is right around the corner and if you’re looking geeky gift ideas, Here are some that your nerdy special someone will surely love!





What it is: If your significant other is an avid gamer then there’s a huge chance that he/she is already on Steam.

Steam is a digital PC platform that stores and unifies all your PC games and saves in one place using the power of the Cloud. Steam also has a marketplace where one can purchase a wide variety of every videogame imaginable, From 2-D sidescrollers, puzzle platformers, Role-playing games, Shooters and even good ol’ fashioned DOTA 2. These are also usually available at a discount through the various Steam Sales that happen throughout the year  so you can get a bunch of games at a low, low price and surprise him with a boatload of fun times.

steam banner

Here’s what you do: You can easily make a Steam account over at http://store.steampowered.com/. After that, search for your partner’s own Steam account and take a peak at his/her “Wishlist”. There you’ll see all the games he/she is interested in. Now go on over and buy a game or two for that nerdy goofball. Just make sure you choose the “Buy as a Gift” option so you can send the games to their way.

If you have a credit card, the process should be safe and easy enough. If you don’t have one however, then you can buy Steam Gift Cards over at your local Datablitz and use those for your purchase.





What it is: If you’re not familiar with Geeking Tom Shirts then you absolutely should be. They are a local homegrown brand that makes awesome T-shirts out of everything from popular geek culture. With their huge catalog of clever designs, you are sure to find something for your nerdy mate! You might even find something for yourself!



Here’s what you do: Hop on over to https://www.facebook.com/geekingtom/ and get in touch with their awesome sales team and order your design of choice. Also don’t forget to use the promo code GEEKENDWITHTOM with your purchase for a special 15% Discount with your purchase from now until February 19, 2016.

You can pay via BPI Bank Deposit and your order will be delivered right to your doorstep!


RIO AZUL Desserts




What it is: Rio Azul desserts is a local dessert business that specializes in vibrant hand-crafted custom designs for your cakes, cookies and cupcakes! You can opt to personalize your dessert of choice and tailor fit it to your partners interests to give it that sweet extra touch!


Here’s what you do: Pick a design and get in touch with Rio herself on Facebook.  Don’t worry she’s super friendly and nice!  Once the order is confirmed you will need to pay the down payment through bank deposit and settle the rest upon delivery.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/rioazuldesserts/.




What it is: Funko Pops are miniature vinyl toys that has seen quite the boom in popularity as of late due to their adorable renditions of popular characters from all corners of the geek world. That’s what’s so great about Funko Pops is that there’s something for everyone. There are Marvel and DC pops for the Comics Fans; Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who pops for fans of the respective TV Series; Bioshock, Fallout and Mass Effect Pops for the Gamers and even Attack on Titan and Black Butler Pops for the anime lovers!


Here’s what you do: Funko Pops are available almost everywhere. Filbar’s has a wide assortment of Funko Pops at all for their local branches. There are also other hobby and toy shops such as Kramer Toy Warden and Big Boys Toy Store that also offer pre-orders and reservations of your Pop of choice.   Visit their respective website and check their available stocks. They accept credit cards, debit cards, paypal and over the counter payments.

Here, have some links:





and of course..





What it is: The Geekend Armory is our new storefront for all our Gladiators out there! Whether you’re looking for authentic WWE Shirts and mechandise, Loot Crates, Costumes, Toys or other geeky essentials, The Armory is the place to make sure you have all the nerdy weapons you need for that big, epic battle against boredom!



Here’s what you do: Visit the Store tab right here on geekendgladiators.com and/or check out https://www.facebook.com/GGTheArmory/?fref=ts. Our elite team of squires and knaves are ready to take your order!


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