Star Wars The Force Awakens Fan Theory

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If you haven’t seen Star Wars Episode VII, then turn back now. But seriously, who hasn’t seen the movie?

Still there? Great! So here’s our own fan theory…

There are a great number of theories scattered throughout the internet about who Rey is, particularly her parents, some make sense, while some aren’t. After some digging, and a re-watching of Star Wars the Force Awakens, I came up with a different theory, so here goes.

The common theory is that Rey is somehow related to Han Solo/Leia Organa, and thus, related to Kylo Ren. But what if this is just a ruse, and instead, Rey is related to Luke Skywalker? I know, you’ve heard about that theory too, but let me expound on my thesis.


During the movie we see the lightsaber bashing of Kylo Ren when a member of the First Order reported that BB-8 and FN 2187 (aka Finn) got away in the Millennium Falcon, but what really pissed him off was when it was reported that there was a GIRL. Now, why is this? The first idea comes to mind is that the girl might be Kylo Ren’s sister.


This same notion was enforced when Han offered Rey a job to be a part of his crew, plus the impeccable piloting skills of Rey as shown in the battle of Jakku and her co-piloting skills. Furthermore, it was even reinforced whenever Han was asked about who the girl was by Maz, and Leia (more on that later).

However, this theory failed from the moment Kylo Ren caught Rey and started to interrogate her. It’s obvious that there was no sense of recognition between the two during that scene. Hence, there must be a reason why Kylo Ren reacted that way, and not because he knows her as a sister. So what then?

The answer is, and probably is, because Rey is somewhat related to Luke Skywalkwer.


Aside from the obvious, being trapped on a dessert world without any clue as to who her parents were, and being strong with the force, there are far more reasons to think that Rey is related to Luke.

First, we go back to the burst of anger of Kylo Ren from the mention of a girl. The reason is simple, Kylo was once a padawan of Luke, and Luke may have mentioned how strong in the force Rey is whenever Kylo was training. Luke may have put Rey as an example for Kylo to emulate and achieve when it comes to the Force. Therefore, the reaction of Kylo when he heard of the girl. It’s basically just some pent-up frustration on his part.

Next, whenever Han is asked the identity of the girl the movie always cuts the conversation. It may be because Han knows that Rey is in fact the child of Luke. And simply because, if Han knew it was his child, then Leia’s reaction would not have been the same with regard to saving Rey, or upon meeting her.


And here’s the kicker, the main plot point that got the movie going was the map that leads to Luke, and who has the biggest portion of the map? R2-D2, of course. So why didn’t R2 wake-up when Han and company made it back to the Rebellion’s camp? It’s because Luke specifically gave R2 instructions to wake when Rey arrives. Thereby, reinforcing the theory that Luke is related to Rey, as R2, woke up on cue when Rey arrived.

And with that, it becomes clearer that Rey is at most a daughter of Luke, or at least related to Luke in some way.

Do you agree with this theory? Or do you have your own one? Let us know.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day, and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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