5 Things You Should Know About Eva Marie


Here’s a few interesting facts about the hottest “ALL RED EVERYTHING Diva”, Eva Marie!

5. Eva Marie used to play soccer in college


She used to play soccer for California State University in Fullerton where she got her degree in Business Management.


4.  She’s a big baseball fan


Eva Marie is a big fan of the San Francisco Giants. It’s something that she shares with her father and her 3 brothers. She still attends games whenever her schedule allows it.



3. She doesn’t drink for a reason…


In several episodes of Total Divas where Eva Marie is one of the main stars, she revealed that she struggled with alcohol abuse in the past. She’s been sober for a couple of years now but she admitted that she still cannot  drink even a single glass of alcohol without the fear of relapsing.


2. She is married to Jonathan Coyle


Jonathan Coyle and Eva Marie met a gym while they’re both working out. Jonathan admitted that it was love at first sight. They got engaged after a few months of dating and they finally tied the knot last August 2014. Jonathan has an MBA and he also attended Law School in Western State University. He sometimes act as Eva Marie’s manager and he’s also involved in several ad campaigns.

1. She almost turned into an “ALL BLONDE EVERYTHING Diva”



When Eva Marie signed with WWE, the management decided that she should change her hair color because her look is very similar to the Bella twins. Eva Marie is also Mexican – Italian just like the Bella twins. Eva Marie refused to follow the management’s decision saying that she won’t be comfortable with that choice and she decided to dye her hair red instead. She added that she used to have Blonde hair in high school and that didn’t work out too well for her.

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