Supergirl “Fight or Flight” Review

Fight or Flight

Supergirl faced one of Superman’s foes in this week’s episode. Did she come out on top? Find out here.

Picking-up on last week’s episode, Supergirl opened to Kara accepting an interview from Cat. At first the interview was doing good but took a turn for the worse when Cat pushed Supergirl to making a mistake in revealing who Superman is to her. What followed was Cat writing an expose on Supergirl, much to the dislike of Kara. The main issue here is that as much as Kara loves her relationship with her cousin, she wants to distance herself from him as well so as not to have that comparison.

supergirl 3.2

The issue played well here with the addition of Reactron as the villain of the week. With one of the issues of the show on the lack of focus on the villain, this week did a good job in at least fleshing out the villain more than the past two installments. Reactron’s story might be straight-forward, but his presence in this episode gave Kara more than she could chew as Reactron basically dominated her in the battle, to the point that she passed-out only to be saved by Superman. Which again worked against her as Maxwell Lord lauded Superman rescuing him, and not Supergirl.

Which brings us to another issue, that of James and Kara. The two were on the ups earlier in the episode, with Kara being teased by Alex, to which it was apparent that Kara does like James. However, the two had a falling-out midway as it was in fact James that called Superman in to help Kara. Which in my opinion was a welcome one, just to shake things up. Good news is that the two patched things-up in the end and also setting-up a possible romantic involvement.

supergirl 3.1

This installment also gave Kara a big boost in terms of being a strong character. Her desire to be her own superhero was evident here by going at it headstrong and alone, even standing-up to Cat in her day job was beautifully executed here. Though the main pitfall for her and the show right now is having James and Kara involved with one another, or at least pointing that way.

supergirl 3.3

Another big leap for Supergirl is her triumph against Reactron, which Superman never defeated. The fight scene’s special effects were robust here which felt more like that of a movie than a TV show, but I really would’ve like to see more of the battle.

Some quick points:

  • The part where James slipped and said Superman’s identity in front of Winn was epic. I’m sure Clark wouldn’t want that.
  • Henshaw helping out Alex and Kara was uncharacteristic, which makes me think that the show has something planned here.
  • That little chat between Clark and Kara was heartwarming and well-deserved.

The Score: 4/5

A strong episode highlighting the character of our hero Kara. The character drama was one of the stronger elements of the episode. And finally, a villain who’s character was fleshed-out.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day, and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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