The Flash “Darkness and the Light”

This week’s episode of the Flash is absolutely brilliant. We’ve had a couple of rocky detours in the previous weeks but the show is back on right track running full speed ahead.

(Obviously, Full Disgusting Spoilers follow)

The big story this week is that Harrison Wells is back! But not quite the Wells that we know. Coming off of the previous weeks’ teaser, Earth 2 Wells jumps dimensions into Earth Prime. As expected this discovery causes a lot of conflict and confusion for the Flash and the Team.

Well’s played, sir.

Tom Cavanagh is on top of his game here, delivering line after line of snide, quick-witted goodness. He definitely stole the show this week. His performance really lends credence to the fact that this is a different Dr. Wells were seeing here. He’s still as intense as ever and there’s still a sinister air about him but he seems way sharper and focused on what he wants to achieve. Its also evident that he doesn’t care much for anything on Earth 1. He doesn’t flinch or even apologize for all the evil things his Earth 1 self has done. He doesn’t care that people don’t like him at all and that Joe even attempted to kill him (Sweet Bullet Catch, Barry BTW). I especially like that he doesn’t even bother to remember names and even referred to Cisco as “Crisco” at one point. He even wantonly outed Cisco as a meta-human in an attempt to use the latter’s powers to find Dr. Light.  He does apparently care about Barry Allen, though.

He even remembered his name and everything

Moving on, this week’s villain is Dr. Light who is actually Earth 2 Linda Park. You may remember Earth Prime’s Linda Park as a being somewhat romantically involved with Barry last season. Anyway, Linda 2 now seeks out Linda Prime and tries to kill her because for some reason she has to do that to survive (This may even be foreshadowing the reason why Zoom wants to kill Barry so bad). For the most part, Olivia Cheng, who plays the Lindas, impresses in the role and in keeping both versions of the characters vastly different and distinct. Its a shame as always that she doesn’t have more to work with. As far as this show goes, this Dr. Light has been one of the better, more fleshed out villains. Here hoping she gets to come back.

I think one of the highlights of the show is the “Blind Date” between Barry and Patty Spivot. Barry finally allows himself to “explore” and actually ask Patty out. However, an encounter with Dr. Light leaves Barry temporarily blind before he goes on the date. What plays out is a fun and endearing scene where Cisco, at the behest of Iris, tries to be Barry’s “eyes” while on the date. The date scene itself is pretty darn good. Patty is flat out gorgeous and her on-screen chemistry with Barry is absolutely enamoring. The pair really gets to shine here. Patty eventually figures out Barry can’t actually see which highlighted her detective skills which I thought was pretty neat. All in all, (and at the risk of sounding like a teenage girl) I can’t wait to see more of them as together.

OMG u guise

The climactic battle with Dr. Light resulted in the Flash discovering a new power, with the help of Earth 2 Wells, the Speed Mirage. Its pretty ok but a little bit concerning that the show just seems to keep on adding powers to Flash’s repertoire without worrying too much about the repercussions. Hopefully, all these powers will factor in at some point in the Season.

so wait. Is he faster than light? They really need to Nerf this dude.

Some other things!

-Tons of references this show as Jay Garrick casually drops a nod to “Atlantis” and “having a friend there” then immediately making Caitlyn want to kiss him. As people tend to do when one mentions ones atlantean friends.

-LOL Cisco’s “skills”

-Turns out the bartender that Cisco asks out is from “out of town” and is named “Kendra Saunders”. Comics fans will recognize that name as belonging to Hawkgirl! Possibly something there for a future episode or maybe even Legends of Tomorrow

-Cisco takes on the name “Vibe”. Did I call it or what?

-Jay’s afraid of Zoom. Interesting.

In Conclusion

Some interesting character moments, all around great writing, a dash of really endearing romantic comedy and the return of a razor-sharp Dr. Wells make for the strongest episode of the show this Season and definitely my favorite.

5 Lightning bolts out of 5

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