Blindspot “Sent on Tour” Review

blindspot 7.3

The team is sent on a scavenger hunt of sorts in this week’s Blindspot

Blindspot finally went away with its regular formula of having a tattoo serve as the setup for the villain of the week. Granted, the episode started out that way, but with the mention of Guerrero (this week’s antagonist) in the pilot episode and more recently in the past few episodes, the villain-of-the-week label does not really apply here.

blindspot 7.1

Patterson discovering the clue on the tattoo led the FBI to Detroit which in turn led to the team to Guerrero. Having a whole town in Guerrero’s pocket added some potential tension and suspense to this episode, but ultimately fell short on the suspense part.

You guys guard me while I check out the tires.
You guys guard me while I check out the tires.

As for the team being stuck in the wilderness having to fend for themselves, it was a good plot point which only became more enjoyable with the added notion of having it become a scavenger/treasure hunt sort of vibe. It was really good in my opinion since it shook things up from the regular proceedings of this show.

Having Jane do something else than probe potential leads on her identity was also welcome. Here her tattoos really gave her something to do and really became more of an asset for the team. My main gripe here though is her penchant for doing things on her own. Sure it makes for good drama, but the show would really do better if they made Jane more of a team member and play team ball.

The whole scavenger hunt though became ridiculous when the “x” on the map turns out to be a chopper hidden in the middle of an open field and covered by a camo tarp. I’d accept this if it were placed there for probably a day at least, or a week at most, but for years there without people noticing was a hard sell for me, especially since Guerrero knows these woods already.

The whole Guerrero mystery though continues to propel the show in whatever direction its heading. Having Mayfair tell Weller in the beginning that Guerrero is an informant was believable, and the twist at the end that Guerrero has no clue as to who Mayfair is and Weller catching that was unexpected. Having said that, Mayfair might just confess what “Daylight” is to Weller. Something to look forward to next week.

As for the subplot, I really enjoyed it. The subplot focused on Patterson and her boyfriend David. At first I thought it was just a little scene just to get their story going, but when it turned out that a clue was discovered and unlocked by the two and having Mayfair discover it, became a highlight of the episode. And having Patterson shaken up by the incident really got me. Hopefully we could get more out of this story in the future.

The Score: 3/5

The show took a step forward by deviating from the regular formula, but a bad script and tons of lucky breaks kept the episode from reaching its potential.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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