The Flash “Family of Rogues” Review

Hey y’all its Raffy again on Flash Duty! We get another solid episode this week in Season 2 Episode 3: “Family of Rogues”

This episode pulls away, for a brief moment, from the events of the previous two in the season as we see two families in the Flash universe explore the different sides of morality.

(Spoilers, of course)

Right off the bat, the show veers away from the major plot threads of Zoom and the Singularities. Even Professor Stein’s sudden collapse/seizure/science-gasm in the last episode’s climax was conveniently explained away.
Yeah. Nope I’m OK

The show instead shifts its focus to two families: The Snarts and The Wests.

First off, let’s talk about the Snarts, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and his sister Lisa are back in town and following a botched heist the siblings are separated. Lisa goes to Cisco and Team Flash for help, thinking that her brother was kidnapped. They find out however, that Cold is perfectly fine but is being coerced (by way of a nano bomb in Lisa’s neck) in to working for their estranged father (played by Michael Ironside).

It’s interesting to see how the various relationships play off each other here and how it fleshes out the Snart Family and Captain Cold in particular. Leonard clearly cares deeply for his sister Lisa seeing as how he is willing to go to great lengths to protect her and vice versa. Leonard also clearly does not approve of his father’s brash methods, being a natural strategist and tactitian. He constantly points out that there are better ways to go about the heist and is clearly incensed when thing go wrong because of the lack of proper planning.

Additionally, Cold’s relationship with the Flash is extremely interesting as we see the two develop a begrudging respect for one another. Flash was willing to rescue Cold and later on, upon understanding the situation better, finding a way to free Cold from his predicament. Cold, on the other hand, did his best to hold on to his bargain with Flash of “making sure no one gets killed” even with the former’s father breathing down his neck and pressuring him to do so.

We also get to see the them talk with and without their respective masks on. This emphasizes that their relationship is actually unlike anything either of them have with anyone else on the show. They’re actually more like rivals rather than nemeses and I think that’s a dynamic that the episode and the show in general does well in portraying.

Moving on to the Wests, which to be honest wasn’t done as well. Francine, Joe West’s supposedly dead wife and mother to Iris West shows up to be well… not dead at all.
Yeah. Nope, I’m OK too.

In a very cornball soap-opera like twist, Francine comes out of the wild blue yonder to see Joe and wants to meet her daughter. We later learn that Francine’s death was something Joe made up to cover for her skipping out on them after a failed drug overdose suicide attempt and a stint at rehab.

This subtly plays on the shows’ theme a bit actually, as we see different sides of the Wests which is not exactly on the straight and narrow. Iris gets caught up in a firefight for a story, Joe lying about Francine and of course Francine’s aforementioned substance abuse problem. “Family of Rogues” indeed.

Honestly? I think this whole story thread is contrived and overly melodramatic. It feels utterly unnecessary and pointless. I’m actually curious to see where it leads because it is so out of place.

On the bright side though, this did give us a legit family moment between Joe and Iris. I will not lie, I teared up a bit.
It was beautiful, shut up.

Other things:

-How cool was Barry telling Iris to jump from the building and then him speeding over to catch her?

-Also, Wall Running! Awwww yeeee

-The Cisco and Lisa thing was pretty ok. Lisa felt a little more genuine in her appearance here toning down her usual over-the-top dominatrix fascade. There might actually something real there

-Patty Spivot and Barry works. It really does.

-Caitlyn and Jay. Not a fan.

-Speaking of Jay, Is leaving the biggest door to a parallel earth wide fricking open and unguarded something a smart person does? I mean really?! You don’t know who will come through.

-And yes, they ended this episode exactly like they did the last one: Stein collapsing and teasing Wells.

-Also, they put Cold in Prison?!
Haven’t you guys seen his other show!?

All in all pretty solid episode. It had some great family moments and a few bad ones, but the emotional detour is actually appreciated.

I give this episode 4.0 Lightning Bolts out of 5!

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