Arrow “Restoration” Review

Arrow --

Arrow upped the ante for this season’s fight scenes in this week’s episode.

From the opening scene of this episode, I just knew that we were in for an action-packed episode. While it did wane a little bit down the middle, there were still some pretty sick action scenes to boot. That opening chase scene was an example of that, just seeing the OG Team Arrow (Felicity’s words, not mine) run down a member of H.I.V.E. was awesome, with Diggle and Oliver working together, just like old times, but not like old times since the rift remains there.

The plot really in this episode somewhat revolved around Darhk’s frustration on Green Arrow. The addition of Double Down was a welcome one. That scene where Darhk was afforded a demonstration was cool, much more when Darhk asked for another demonstration, this time involving Mina Fayad. It just shows how ruthless and cool this villain will be. In fact, Arrow hasn’t really shied away from focusing on Darhk, and I really can’t fault them since Neal McDonough’s performance is just really great.

My name is Double Down, not Gambit!
My name is Double Down, not Gambit!

Of course in this episode we also saw the struggle between Oliver and Diggle in patching things up. Felicity really got a lot of mileage here when she put the two in their place and gave them that “mom” type of scolding. This of course led to Diggle and Oliver working together in trying to bring down Fayad, as Diggle’s only lead to his brother’s death, only to be foiled by Double Down and Darhk.

arrow 3.3

Double Down was a stand-out villain of the week for this season in the sense that his action scenes were just so good. Just seeing him throw all those cards at Team Arrow was a thrill. That part where Double Down attacked Felicity and Curtis at Palmer Tech was also great, and we saw Felicity shoot blindly at him, and actually hit him. But ultimately, Double Down was just a means to an end for the show as Oliver and Diggle finally patched things up after Ollie took a bullet, er, a metahuman playing card, for Diggle.


As for our subplot, it seemed kinda off in relation to the rest of the episode as we saw Laurel’s mission to bring back her sister Sara. That scene though where Thea gave in to the bloodlust and kills members of the League was pretty sick. Amidst opposition of Nyssa, Sara was still revived through the Lazarus Pit, and now everything is set up for Matt Ryan’s Constantine to appear.

Some side notes, there were plenty of teasers or nuggets on this season’s characters and the Legends of Tomorrow. There was an allusion (or not) to Constantine by Merlyn, Curtis showed Felicity his Tech with that “T” on it alluding to Mr. Terrific, and of course Sara coming back to life, and finally on Felicity’s phone which is presumably Palmer trying to contact Felicity.

The Score: 3.75/5

A solid episode! We saw a lot of setting-up in this installment and a good villain of the week, as well. Darhk continues to impress. Team Arrow is whole again. And finally, anticipating Constantine’s debut on the show.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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