Blindspot “Split the Law” Episode Review


This week’s Blindspot episode delivered a great stand-off and brought to the forefront the shadowy CIA man.

As always, beware of spoilers.

As stated, this week offered one of the more notable stand-offs in law enforcement TV history in a while, hence this episode’s title “Split the Law”.

What started out as a routine for this show, a crime takes place which directly ties to Jane’s tattoos, but what follows after that crime was a great shake-up of the proceedings. The crime I’m pointing to here is a hostage crisis/stand-off where our team gets dragged into due to Jane’s tattoo. And I know, how would whoever put her tattoos on know when a crime would happen, a concern that even Jane voiced out during the hostage taking. To my surprise the show had a great answer to that by stating that the said location was in fact a CIA Black site. From there the mystery man Mayfair has been talking to, Mr. Carter, is introduced and easily got on my nerves, making him a good foe in my opinion.

“Just Breathe Jane”

I was applauding the execution with the reveal that the hostage crisis was all a ruse and was in fact a daring rescue mission for a terrorist group. To make things more interesting, the person rescued was a bomb engineer that was hell bent on getting even with the US government by making a dirty bomb.

The way the FBI tracked down Dodi, the bomb maker, was also effective. Even though the show only showed us Weller and the team coordinating the search for the bomb, I would say that it was delivered well with the tension also present.


What really did get me going was the shoot out at the cemetery. Seeing Dodi and his group advancing from the hills shooting at Weller and his team was cool. The firefight was also to be recommended. But what takes the cake here is once again Jane when she took out Dodi with a shovel. Yes, you read that right, a shovel!

The most intense stop dance I've seen
The most intense stop dance I’ve seen

Another thing to rave about this episode is the stand-off between the FBI and the CIA. Tension was mounting when the Mayfair refused to hand-over Dodi to the CIA and Carter asking for an exchange, Dodi for Jane. To my surprise, Mayfair relented and instead took Jane’s side, which makes me think, does Mayfair see the advantage of having Jane on her side or is she holding back some personal matter involving Jane.

I also loved the fact that Jane was able to crack the case in this episode. The fact that she didn’t become a nuisance to the team but instead did some real detective work was a breath of fresh air for her character.

There are also minor developments in this episode concerning Jane. We now had an extended glimpse of her younger years when she was held captive or kidnapped. Weller’s father was also introduced and even got a 3 second screen time before Weller stormed off. But the biggest development here was Zapata. With the events of last week revealing Zapata’s gambling debt, we see her bite the bullet and decide to help Carter. Time will tell how this will affect the dynamic of Weller’s team.

The Score: 3.75/5

Solid episode this week. The show still has yet to get out of the tattoo/crime of the week process, but the show still gives us some curve balls with regard to the tattoos. Jaimie Alexander was once again superb in her action scenes.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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