The Flash “Flash of Two Worlds” Review


Hey this is Raffy and I’m taking over Flash review duties for this week! It’s a pretty strong episode with lots to cover so let’s get right down to it, shall we?

(Full spoilers as per usual)


Episode 2 picks up right where we left off last week with Jay Garrick revealing himself to the Flash and the team. He explains his backstory of how he’s from an alternate Earth and how he was able to get to this dimension.

Clue: It rhymes with “Dingularity”

He warns Barry about Zoom who is revealed to be Jay’s nemesis from the other Earth. From there, the show reverts back to its “monster-of-week” formula with Zoom, seemingly being able to travel through the worm-holes created by the Singularity, bringing the meta-human Sand Demon to this Earth. I get the feeling this won’t be the first time.

What’s interesting here is that the show addresses a lot of the residual effects of the events from last season. The most significant of which is the major trust issues Barry has about Jay. I think this does well in showing that Wells’ deception and treachery last season had changed Barry. In the first episode, he disbands the team for their own safety and here he isn’t quick to trust this random stranger offering help. Barry does get over his issues with the help of Iris but I hope they delve into this more as the series progresses.

Barry ain’t trust nobody

I found, however, that not all of the residual effects were dealt with as effectively. The loss of Ronnie Raymond seems to have been brushed aside as Caitlyn quickly gets smitten with Mr. Garrick and Professor Stein barely even mentions his former partner. I would’ve wanted to have something more there. Even Detective West taking on the new character Detective Spivot (we’ll get to her in a second) as his new partner seems a little too soon, considering he just lost Eddie. But then again, maybe Joe realizes that Eddie died as a hero, sacrificing himself, that it was his selflessness that caused his demise and not Joe’s bringing him into the fold. Maybe he realized true heroes are few and far between and that they need all they can get on their side. I changed mind, I kinda like that last bit now.


Speaking of the Detective Spivot, She’s an interesting little character isn’t she? I feel like she’s perfectly toeing the line between “cool and capable” and “cheery and over-eager”. She’s a great addition to the cast and has excellent chemistry with Barry. Potential love interest maybe? We’ll see. Quick question though: Will the gang let Spivet know about EVERYTHING going in on S.T.A.R. Labs or will they keep her in the dark? Like I said, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Other things:

-That Cisco and Professor Stein nerdgasm when they figured out how to track the wormholes was adorable.

– Cisco gets to effectively tap into his powers this episode and describes his powers as getting a “Vibe”. He’s not the only one getting vibes about this one.

-New Power Alert! I’m not entirely sure its comic accurate but how sick is Barry being able to throw lightning bolts now? It’s awesome! (Also, I think he just killed a dude with that. Oh well.)

-I love all the little nods to the comicbooks. The 52 wormholes, the Multiverse and that sweet sweet recreation of the Flash of Two Worlds comicbook cover at the end. Man, you givin’ a dude chills.

-Also, who the hell could Zoom be? It was revealed that even Jay doesn’t know. And why the hell does he want Barry dead? How does he even know who Barry is if he’s not from Earth 1? And how the hell can he run through dimensions and drag people back? Seems like an overpowered ability to have handy.

All in all, it was a good episode. They’ve been killing it with the cliffhangers as of late and I can’t wait for the next one.

I give this episode 4.6 Lightning Bolts out of 5!

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One thought on “The Flash “Flash of Two Worlds” Review

  1. I never thought I would want the creepy douche that tortured Damon in vampire diaries back but anything is better than this annoying bitch who plays Defective Spivet. I am so sick of seeing this stereotypical dumb spastic bitch.


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