Blindspot “Bone May Rot” Episode Review

Beware of spoilers!

Character development was at the forefront in this week’s episode “Bone May Rot”. Plenty of interactions between the characters and a change of pace in terms of action.

episode 4.3

The case of the week revolved around a bio-chemical weapon involving viruses that are currently plaguing parts of the world today, namely ebola and MERS. Now props to the show for including these current deadly diseases in the episode giving that extra kick in terms of the epidemic proportions the bio-chemical weapon would exact on the general population. It basically gave you a what if moment of sorts. However, the “twist” on who the villain for this case was basically seen a mile before the reveal. A wrench could have been thrown in to put viewers off the scent.

As for how the clue was uncovered had a good touch to it, starting off with Patterson (one of the characters I’m really liking right now) and her boyfriend David. With the puzzle on the mutant leaf tattoo on Jane figuring to be a symbol of the CDC and the ultraviolet tattoo being uncovered later on, it made me really dig the whole solving and twist to the tattoos.

As for character development, there were plenty present in this episode. We got a glimpse into the night Jane was kidnapped and a background story from Weller involving his most prized memory of his father. We also got a glimpse at Zapata’s addiction i.e., gambling. Heck, we even got a glimpse of Reade’s personal life. Patterson, however, was at the forefront of this episode in terms of her personal life. We got a taste of her life outside the FBI.

A subtle scene that I did like in this episode was the one between Jane and Reade where we got to see where Reade was coming from in terms of his animosity with Jane. And gotta say, it was a well-founded argument for him. This scene really turned my perception against Reade and sort of made him likable.

As for the action sequence, there was little to none as compared to the first 3 episodes. The only action scene, was between two men in hazmat suits trying to inflict pain against each other. This led me to believe that Weller might finally get that solo fight scene only to see Jane come in and help out Weller.

The bit at the end though was frustrating to see. Last episode we were led to believe that Jane is Taylor Shaw only to be informed an episode later that she might not be Taylor after all. It felt like a cop-out in my opinion, but hopefully future installments would clear things out.

The Score: 2.5/5

This week’s episode offered very little to further the story, but did include some needed character development. Felt more of a filler episode.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and Comic Book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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