5 People Who Could Die in Arrow Season 4

Beware of spoilers!

If you haven’t seen the premiere of season 4 for Arrow, then I seriously suggest you watch it first before reading this.

Still here? Good, then you already know that there is someone in the Arrow-verse that would die 6 months from now.

arrow season 4

So, its time for some Geekend Gladiator speculation on who might kick the bucket this season. Here’s who we think and the reason why.



Why her: Its the obvious choice right now. Felicity is the closest person to Oliver Queen and that makes her the largest target for Damien Darhk. It’s well-known to the fans of Arrow that Oliver would do anything and everything just to protect her, and with Oliver’s return to Star City with a different outlook in the vigilante scene what better way to nudge Oliver into the dark side by killing-off his main squeeze. And it’s a given morale to every super hero story that the hero never gets that fairy tale ending. So it fits the bill.

Why not: Based on that short scene, we already know that Barry Allen was late for the memorial service, so what does that mean? It means that if it were Felicity then Barry wouldn’t dare miss that service, after all Felicity and Barry have that connection. Also, based on behind the scenes and several interviews, it appears that Felicity would remain on the show for a long time.

Likeliness: 2/5



Why her: If we follow the trajectory of this show, being a Batman-lite of sorts, then it makes sense that Arrow’s sidekick would somehow face the fate of Robin i.e., death. The effect would be the same as Thea’s death would likewise push Oliver to the breaking point, since Thea is the only family he has. Plus, you have to consider that Thea is the daughter of current Ra’s Al Ghul – Malcolm Merlin. And based on season 3, Damien Darhk and Ra’s has a bitter relationship, so more fuel to fire this speculation.

Why not: Thea just came back from the dead in season 3 via the Lazarus Pit, why kill her if she just got back from 6 feet under. Plus what stops Ra’s from using the Pit again to revive Thea.

Likeliness: 3/5



Why her: Seems unlikely to happen, but since we know that Detective Lance is part of Darhk’s group, this could be a way for Darhk to get Lance in line. Great motivation to keep in line IMO. This could also be an effect of Detective Lance’s future defection of Darhk’s group. Laurel’s position in Star City would also potentially make her a high value target.

Why not: We’ve seen one Canary die already, and having Laurel (the second canary) die wouldn’t quite get the message across. It would appear that the Canary persona is toxic. And for Barry Allen to appear in Star City for Laurel’s funeral would seem far-fetched, since the two have rarely crossed paths in the past.

Likeliness: 3/5


Arrow --

Why him: The answer is pretty obvious here. Lance kept repeating the word “darkness”, especially when he saw Oliver reappear in Star City, and lo and behold, Oliver mentioned the same word while mourning the death of whoever. Coincidence? I think not. Another reason is that reveal that Lance is also in bed with Darhk, so this could also mean doom for him.

Why not: Truth is, I can’t find a reason why not. It appears that Lance will get in the middle of this crossfire between mystical beings (Darhk) and our heroes (Team Arrow). This just might be too big for your regular police officers to stop ultimately culminating in the demise of Lance.

Likeliness: 4.5/5



Why him: Oliver has trusted very few people when he returned to Starling City 4 years ago, Diggle falls within that very few. Their relationship has seen better days, especially with what Ollie did to Dig’s family in season 3, and carrying-over to season 4. It stands to reason that their relationship might not get patched-up in time leaving Oliver contemplating on how a certain “darkness” he let envelope him in the past affect the present and resulting to the death of one of his closest friends. And maybe the audience just hated that horrendous helmet which led to them voting to kill him off.

Why not: It’s highly unlikely that he gets killed off. If there is a person in the Arrow-verse that would withstand the onslaught that might come to Star City aside from Oliver, it’s Diggle. He has military experience and also far more experience than any person on team Arrow when it comes to crime-fighting. So there’s just very little reason that Diggle gets killed off.

Likeliness: 1/5

Of course this might just be a different person all along that we have yet to know. News came in that a new player would appear in Star City to run for mayor that has family ties with the Queen’s, so just maybe that’s the death. After all, mayors have a bad record on this show getting killed-off on a regular basis.

For now, let’s see what happens.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and Comic Book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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