5 Things You Should Know About WWE Diva Natalya


For this edition of 5 things, We try to get to know Nattie! (spoilers: she’s awesome! Fact!)

5. She’s a Third Generation Wrestler

Natalya is the granddaughter of Stu Hart who was a very famous wrestler and promoter in Calgary. Her father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, was also part of the Hart Foundation and he was a two time tag team champion and Bret Hart was his partner. She’s the only third generation diva in WWE history and she’s the only female graduate of the Hart Family Dungeon, a program started by her grandfather Stu.

nat dad

4.  She Wrestled for 7 Years Before She Got Signed by WWE

Most people would think that Natalya had it easy because of her family but it took her 7 years before she finally got signed by WWE. She had intensive training and she accepted several gigs overseas which includes opportunities in Japan and England. One of her most popular matches was against Amazing Kong in Japan. The match happened in 2005 and it only lasted for about 5 minutes but it was very physical and both wrestlers used moves that they’re not allowed to use in WWE.

3. Natalya is Married

Natalya is married to a fellow WWE wrestler, Tyson Kidd. They knew each other since they were 12 and they trained together in the Hart Family Dungeon in Calgary. The pair finally tied the knot is 2013 after 12 years of dating.

nat ty kids

nattie dolf

2. Natalya is a Certified Cat Lady

Natalya and TJ are currently taking care of 3 cats in their household. They’re both very much involved in raising them. When Nattie and TJ had a break in 2014, the couple were more concerned about how they will divide their cats than their assets.

natalya wedding cat

nat cat

1. Natalya Trained with MMA Fighters

Nattie means serious business. Before having her big NXT Takeover match against Charlotte Flair in 2014, she reportedly trained alongside members of the 4 Horsewomen Maria Shafir, Shayna Baszlerand and Jessamyn Duke. Fans initially got worried that she might be leaving WWE but she denied those rumors and said that she only wanted to expand her horizons and be better than great.



Denise Aquino is the Gladiator’s Vinyl Valkyrie. She’s been following the WWE since it’s glory days in the 90’s.

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