Arrow “Green Arrow” Episode Review

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Spoilers follow:

Arrow’s trajectory went up with a strong premiere for Season 4.

Apparently retirement is not in the books for Oliver Queen. After riding into the sunset in last season’s finale with Felicity, we are immersed in Oliver’s domestic life, which felt more like a dream sequence. Ollie and Felicity living together, cooking breakfast for each other and having brunch with (presumably) neighbors. It did seem like Oliver had it all and was due for some well-deserved retirement until Thea and Laurel come knocking.

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At Starling (Star) City, Speedy/Red Arrow, Diggle and Laurel continued the crusade with their own brand of crime-fighting, only to be stumped by these so-called “Ghosts” who have been terrorizing the city, prompting the call for back-up (Oliver)

I expected that Oliver would indeed return, but not this early. What did follow when he returned to Star City was pretty much the same state that he left it 6 months ago. Crime was still up, still no mayor, and Diggle still holding a grudge against Oliver. The whole “I don’t trust Oliver after what he did to my family” thing really gave a lot of drama between the Oliver and Dig, and it was done with justice by not having the two patch it up by the end of the episode. Though that part where Dig saved Oliver on the train was a step towards the two burying the hatchet.

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What I really loved about this episode was not our heroes reuniting, or Oliver finally donning that Green Arrow suit, but the introduction of Damien Darhk. Neal McDonough (Darhk) really stole every scene he was in. I was in awe the moment he stepped into the screen when he interrupted the city council’s meeting. McDonough brought about an air of confidence and bravado that we rarely see in this show’s villains (save for Merlin and Deathstroke), and from the get-go he looks like a formidable nemesis for Green Arrow. Also, that preview of a head-to-head between Oliver and Darkh on the train left me wanting more.

Another highlight for the episode was the live TV speech of Green Arrow pledging to protect Star City and also announcing his superhero name “Green Arrow”. While it did feel a little weird listening to his distorted to the point that the words get garbled up. Also, any person with the right technology could have easily uncovered the guy behind the mask with all that lighting in Green Arrow’s speech.

As for the flashback scenes, we learn that Oliver first donned the Arrow suit in Coast City, leaving many to believe that Ollie might have encountered Hal Jordan there (well, possibly). Waller also continues to torment Ollie which resulted in Ollie once again stranded on Lian-Yu.

That reveal at the end of the episode was a complete surprise though. I mean, really? Of all the people aligning with Darhk, he’s the one that aligns? And just who might die this season?

The Score: 4/5

Arrow seems to have bounced back from a sub-par season 3 with season 4’s premiere. Finally we got to see the Green Arrow suit. Damien Darhk figures to be a formidable foe for our heroes which makes this season all the more interesting.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and Comic Book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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