Blindspot “Eight Slim Grins” Episode Review

Beware of spoilers.

After that cliffhanger in episode 2, I was really excited to see this episode. Turns out, that week long excitement didn’t deliver as the opening sequence of this episode ultimately killed-off our mystery guy.

It has been frustrating for viewers that every lead that the FBI gets turns out to be a dead end. And Weller voiced that frustration out during this episode, as a sort off wink to the viewers. The good part about this is that the whole episode only got better with the case-of-the-week involving the so-called “Candymen”, a group of former Navy SEALs becoming jewel thieves.

blindspot 3.1

Again, the plausibility of the Candymen’s connection with Jane was suspect by having both of Jane and Casey (member of Candymen) have the same tattoo. It’s just unbelievable that a remote group like this would have ties to the grand scheme to the tattoos on Jane’s body/conspiracy. Uncanny is also another word to describe how the FBI found the same tattoo on Jane’s body, with all those intricate one’s being analyzed.

The Candymen Cometh
The Candymen Cometh

We also saw Weller’s struggle on how to deal with Jane. As much as Weller wants Jane on the team to help them out in the investigation, Mayfair on the other hand has been quick to oppose. Add in the constant reminder from Reade that Jane is a liability and you have character drama all throughout, which in my opinion got tiresome with Jane always disobeying yet getting the right breaks in the investigation. It was a good thing that this was addressed at the end of the episode by having Jane a special member of the team and being armed with her own gun.

Now for the big twists! For one, at this point, the big reveal that Jane is Taylor Shaw, confirmed via the DNA tests conducted by the FBI, was unexpected. I was surprised that the show had the balls to do this at this early in the show’s history. Just makes me think that this might be a red-herring and all, or maybe the show has a lot to cover throughout its existence, at this point I’m reeling with joy. Another big reveal concerned Mayfair. During the premiere I already had that feeling that Mayfair had some of her secrets too, but that secret being a so-called “Project Daylight” involving Jane was huge, which brings about tons of questions on what this is and what does it have to do with “Orion” and Jane altogether, and just how this ties-up with the entire FBI team of Weller.

The Score: 3.75/5

The episode was exciting as ever, but the show took a hit with the overall issue this week regarding the team’s trust in Jane. The big reveals also packed a punch but likewise gave more questions than answers.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and Comic Book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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