Hey, we got nominated for the Bloggy Awards 2015


It is a proud day in the Arena indeed, as Geekend Gladiators has been nominated for the Philippine Blogging Awards 2015!

We’re going up against powerhouses in the Arts and Entertainment Category but in true Gladiator fashion, we’re not going down without a fight!

And we need your help to turn the tide of battle! Join the cause by clicking on this link


Scroll down and tick the box for geekendgladiators.com and submit your vote!

On behalf of all of us here at GG, thank you for your continued support and kindness for our upstart little passion project. We promise to continue to better and offer up more awesome content for you, our fellow Geekend Gladiators!:)

Be sure to also follow us on:

Twitter: @GeekendGlads

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geekendgladiators

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJa9AWEG3Nbjxevctz_-5RA

Audiomack: http://www.audiomack.com/artist/geekendgladiators

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/raffy-leynes

Instagram: @raffygraffiti

or Email us at geekendgladiators@gmail.com


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