In the Car After (Ep. 7): Asia Pop Comicon and Heneral Luna!

In the Car After is back with Episode 7! Seben!

This week Denise and Raffy tap into their inner makata and try to talk about the film Heneral Luna purely in tagalog without using any english words! Ang sino man hindi makasunod ay pagbibilhin ng kape ng walang paglilitis!

How long will out brave hosts last???? (spoilers: not that long)

but first!

Asia Pop Comicon Manila gets the In the Car After treatment! Top 3’s and all!

It’s a crazy, awesome, jam-packed show for you all! Listen to the mayhem unfold here!

Also for more on APCC check out this video we made!

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Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, cartoons, wrestling, science and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Denise Aquino is the Gladiator’s Vinyl Valkyrie. She’s been following the WWE since it’s glory days in the 90’s. She’s also currently busy making widgets for a software company. 😉


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