5 Things You Should Know About NXT’s Newest Diva Asuka


Here’s a few tasty tidbits about the newest addition to the NXT roster, Asuka!

 5. Triple H is her all-time favorite WWE Superstar.

Funny how that worked out

Kanako Urai or, as she is known in the WWE, Asuka started following WCW when she was in high school because of The Great Muta and she’s a great fan. However, her all time favorite WWE superstar is Triple H and she is excited to work with him.

4. Asuka released several gravure DVDs.

Weeeeooooooh weeeooohh weeeeee

Asuka has released 2 gravure DVDs, Manifest and Manifest II a few years back. She also released Manifest Final early this year. She also worked with Mio Shirai, a retired professional wrestler on a project called Sadistic Tails. Oooh naughty!

3. Asuka is an entrepreneur!

presumably, this is her idea of “Business Casual”

Aside from being a bad-ass in the ring, Asuka is also managing her own hair salon in Yokohama. The place is called “Another Heaven” and it is famous for giving their customers a “chance to change” by offering vibrant hair colors.

If you are visiting the country and want to get your hair did by a badass wrestler then you can book an appointment here: http://ah-ah.jp/staff.html

2. Asuka is a certified Geek!

because this is apparently what geeks look like

She graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College, worked as a freelance graphic designer working on the Nintendo DS and different mobile applications. She is also a videogame journalist having written for Xbox Magazine. She’s also a big gamer, being a fan of the Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto games.

1. She does mixed-gender matches!

kana 3

That’s right folks! Asuka fights dudes! She has more than 10 years of wrestling experience facing both men and women in the ring! She even made a clown tap out.

I mean an actual fucking clown. because Japan

and she’s really excited to be part of the on going Diva’s Revolution. She wants to face Divas like Sasha Banks and Charlotte. She will officially debut next month, October.


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