Limitless – “Pilot” Episode Review

Beware, spoilers follow:

Being based on the movie of the same name, I had my initial doubts about this show. But when the episode started with a breath of confidence and smart dialogue, I knew that this show would be good.

limitless 2

The story takes place four years after the events of the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper, with a new protagonist in the guise of Brian Finch (Jake McDorman). With a fast-paced intro to his world, a police chase at that, we are escorted into the life of Brian where he gets us up to speed with who he is and what his backstory is.

What ensues is a smartly constructed dialogue and recap of his life and a really great way of introducing us to the main players in his life i.e, his family. He then narrates what has happened prior to the police chase at the opening of the episode, which ultimately ends up on the story of how he has come to know of the wonder drug NZT 48. And like the movie, Brian gained the ability of using the full potential of his brain and becoming addicted to it.


The really great thing about this episode is that the whole premise was covered within the first 10-15 minutes of the episode, and all you have to do is watch and enjoy the ride.

With Brian getting his hands on the NZT 48, he then proves to FBI Agent Rebecca Harris (Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter) that he is innocent and did not kill his friend. What takes place after that was expected though, as the FBI cuts a deal with Brian to work as their consultant.


Another thing that worked well for this episode is the appearance of Bradley Cooper reprising his role as Eddie Mora, and then passing on his gift to Brian. The hook was also set when Eddie told Brian that he needed someone on his team with the same traits as those of Brian’s.

And just when you thought everything was done, you get treated to a poignant scene, that shows really don’t go for this early in the game, between Brian and his father. It was a heartfelt one that really got the bond of Brian and his dad across, and also managed to pull on your emotions. It just shows how good the premiere was when the show could pull this off in its debut.

The Score: 4.5/5

Limitless debuted with a strong episode with the help of smart dialogue and story-telling. It’s a show that’s not afraid to wear its heart on its sleeves.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon in a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


2 thoughts on “Limitless – “Pilot” Episode Review

  1. So cool that Bradley Cooper showed up. So glad they are doing direct sequel to the movies instead of a re-boots.

    The best part is that when they film on location in NYC, it’s the actual neighborhood. It’s not like Daredevil where they show you Williamsburg & pretend it’s Hell’s Kitchen. They even filmed in the Union Square subway, they didn’t film the Grand Central shuttle & pretend it’s a different station like Sharknado 2 did.

    It’s going to be another cop show, but I’m ok with that because it’ll sort of be like Chuck, but not as funny. I just hope Debra doesn’t start crying for at least 5 episodes.


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