Suits – “Faith” Episode Review

Beware, spoilers follow.

I think every one would agree when I say that Season 5 is by far the best season of Suits, and this mid-season finale more than proves it.


My initial reaction after watching the episode: “Wow”, followed by a quick “What the F just happened?”. It was that good.

Suits (1)

The episode utilized the flash back method to great effect by flashing back to different times in Mike’s, Harvey’s and Jessica’s life, particularly when all three of them came to a cross-roads and had to make a giant decision.¬†The episode was divided between three story-lines that of Harvey’s, Mike’s and Jessica’s.

Jessica’s story focused on the hostile takeover of Hardman on Pearson Specter Litt. The flashback to Jessica’s divorce worked to great effect as it depicted Jessica as a person who cared more for her career than her personal life. It also showed just how dedicated she was to this firm, which she refers to so much as her family. And with the impending vote and a sense of resignation to the inevitable, we saw how vulnerable Jessica was to the point of throwing stuff in her office. That one moment she had with Louis was also heartfelt, and just shows how much she appreciates Louis.

Harvey, on the other hand, had to decide whether to resign or not to save his firm. Flashbacks of him catching his mother cheating and having to live with it and finally cracking and telling his father was heartbreaking. That conversation he had with his brother just before he left for law school was a punch in the gut.


Mike’s story was the best in this episode. In fact I was kicking myself for watching this episode in a crowded cafe because I couldn’t help but share a tear for Mike. The flashback focused on Mike’s struggle to cope with the loss of his parents and the ensuing fall from grace during his studies. But the most powerful moment came when the priest showed Mike a bookshelf¬†named after his grandma. The reaction of Mike was heartbreaking and genuine, and kudos to Patrick J. Adams for that superb acting.


The resolution to the on-going issues were also well earned. Jessica gave her speech believing it to be the last speech as the managing partner until Harvey swooped in and saved the day for her. Harvey on the other hand, does the noble thing for the firm and resigns to save Jessica. Mike also chose to resign from the firm.

The ending though was one we were all dreading to see, with Mike getting arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud.

With all of these changes happening on Suits, I really wish that the events would stick, and not just a misdirection of the creative team. If Mike gets busted for being a fraud, then so be it. It makes for great drama, and Suits might just be one of the best drama shows on air.

Suits return next year for the remainder of season 5.

The verdict: 10/10 law suits.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and Comic Book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day, and full-on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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