Nerd Rage! Old Man Logan

If you’ve been following the news or announcements during the San Diego Comic Con, then you’re aware that Hugh Jackman dropped some major stuff, the most notable being that he will be retiring the mutton-chops and his claws, and would be doing so as Fox aims to adapt the acclaimed Wolverine book “Old Man Logan”. People got excited about the prospect that Fox would adapt the Old Man Logan (OML) story, and at the same time also realized that Jackman would be retiring as Wolverine, bringing a mixture of emotions to the fans of the X-Men’s franchise most popular character. But I realized that there are several pros and cons to this and that’s what I’m going to discuss here.



The main draw that I see why this adaptation would be awesome is that it celebrates what Jackman brought to the role of Wolverine. In a sense, we saw Wolverine age before our eyes and how much he has developed as the poster boy of badass superheroes. And what better way than to put an end note to a stellar run than by choosing to adapt one of the top stories of Wolverine, the Old Man Logan.

Another pro to this is that when Jackman debuted as Wolverine, he was really young back then as compared to now. And if the DOFP didn’t up the ante of making a grizzled old Wolverine, with the streak of grey hair, then Old Man Logan just might do the trick.

Lastly, Old Man Logan might just be that solo movie that would do Wolverine right. Don’t get me wrong, because “The Wolverine” did well in my opinion but lacked that oomph needed, and don’t get me started with Wolverine: Origins. So, maybe, just maybe, Old Man Logan could be the movie that gets it right and would give Jackman a proper retirement.

Old Cast

However, if Fox does want to “retire” the old X-men cast, this would be the perfect vehicle to do so. Why, you ask? Well if you read the story, then you’d know that the X-men faced their demise before the events of Old Man Logan, and Wolverine would be the only remaining member of the X-Men. By inserting a few flashbacks here and there, we would see once again the old X-Men, albeit only for a short period, but that’s better than none.


When I first heard about this announcement, my initial reaction was how in the world would Fox execute this properly. And the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that it should not be done.

The main reason is the logistics of the movie itself. The story obviously revolves around Logan, but aside from that almost every other character belongs to the other side of the fence, which is Marvel. You have Hawkeye, the Hulk, Red Skull, the symbiote and Spidey’s vehicle. So how would you create a Wolverine movie that centers on Wolverine without mutants, and without access to the main characters of the story.

Red skull room

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If Fox decides to push through with this, who would replace the role of Hawkeye? Who would take the place of the Hulk as the main antagonist, not to mention Red Skull? Sure, it would be easy to include Dr. Doom in the movie since Fox has the rights over the Fantastic Four franchise, but that will just not do justice to the movie.

Another thing is when exactly would this take place? The X-Men franchise hasn’t really been one to have a cohesive timeline as we’ve seen through the long list of movies it has, but the idea of adapting a movie in a post-apocalyptic world where the USA is divided in four major areas ruled by heroes/villains just does not fit in the current X-Men timeline. Can the producers/directors explain this through the movie without being expository, or will X-Men Apocalypse set this up? And if Apocalypse does set this up, then what about the future X-Men movies? There are just too many questions that needs answers if Fox does decide to go on this route.


Maybe I’m over analyzing this, or maybe I’m correct, but the point is simple, fans of Wolverine deserve the best possible product they can get, and the only thing we can do right now is make our voices heard and keep our fingers crossed, and pray that somehow, someway, Marvel and Fox come to their “corporate senses” and give us an epic movie we’ve been yearning for.

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and comic book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and a full on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


4 thoughts on “Nerd Rage! Old Man Logan

  1. I disagree that it couldn’t be effectively done. The most important aspect of the story is Wolverine’s emotional arc—from guilt-ridden pacifist, to agent of vengeance, to finding redemption. There would be several clever options available to deliver the spirit of the rest. Remember, the goal would be to serve and wrap up established elements of the X-Men cinematic universe, rather than explore the full breadth of a dystopian Marvel Universe as an alternate-future comic naturally would.

    You make a fair point about when in a cohesive timeline the film might take place, but Days of Future Past directly showed us that the X-Men timeline is malleable, so I believe the audiences would buy it as just one possible future and need little more than that to take the ride.

    One way pull it all off would be to exchange the Hulks for Creeds, change his murdered wife to Storm (and the placement of that event to make it the inciting incident), replace Hawkeye with Rogue, and switch The Red Skull with Dr. Doom, which I think can work even better in the cinematic universe (presumably, and older Doom could be changed significantly from Trank’s current incarnation if audiences don’t respond). For full details on a potentially workable Old Man Logan movie by Fox:

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    1. Thanks for your insights man. Appreciate it.

      As for your suggestions, it could work, but then again you have to take into consideration that a big chunk of the story involves Logan choosing not to pop his claws with what the villains did to him, i.e, decimating the entire xmen. Having said that, the core of the story still revolves in Logan’s guilt, and going by your suggestion it would harder to convey that with several mutants still alive (rogue and storm). Maybe getting some of the Fantastic4 in the story would work, an older human torch or reed richards could be plausible to fill in hawkeye’s role.


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