Comic Book Review: Archie # 1

Warning, spoilers shall follow: As you may all well know, Archie Comics relaunched the popular comic book series just a month ago, and is now in full reboot/relaunch mode. So, how did the debut/relaunch comic fare?

To start things off, I already had my reservations on this whole reboot of a beloved comic book character, to the point that I started hating the idea of reading it for fear that all those fond childhood memories of reading Archie comics would be tarnished by it. However, to my surprise it was a really good, solid issue.

The story-telling was good and solid. Mark Waid really did a great job re-inventing the story of Archie and the gang. From the first few panels I knew I was hooked. The way Mark Waid told the story really brought the reader right into the world of Archie, by using Archie himself to speak to the reader in first-person, kind of like a new guy being introduced to his new environment, in this case Riverdale.


With all rom-com stories, you always have your trusty wingman, in this case the ever reliable Jughead. Jughead was in fact the hero in this issue by looking out for his buddy Archie and also delivering one of the more memorable lines in the issue about not forcing Archie and Betty to reunite.

What the issue also did was it created a foundation for the characters and something to build on as the story progresses. We were given a glimpse of what Archie would achieve i.e, his band, where his story would go after the Lodges move into Riverdale, and the possibility of Reggie becoming the thorn in Archie’s side.

Overall, this was a solid new take on the story of Archie Andrews. It was satisfying to see a serialized take on his story and where it could possibly take him. I can’t wait for the next issue.

I give it a 4.5/5

Gino is the Gladiators’ resident TV and Comic Book reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full on geek at night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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