Chyna’s Message to the WWE and How You Can Help Her Get Inducted to the Hall of Fame!

Joanie left in 2012 and started her new life and career in Japan. She has a Masters Degree in Education and aside from keeping herself busy by teaching English apparently she was able to turn her life around by doing yoga and avoiding the limelight.


However, a few weeks before this year’s Wrestlemania, Triple H was interviewed regarding Chyna’s chances of becoming part of the WWE Hall of Fame. Hunter told everyone that Chyna deserves to be part of the Hall of Fame because of her numerous contribution in the industry however his main concern was kids googling her and finding out about her past when she made several porn movies.

After the news broke, Chyna also released her side by having an interview with former WWE employee Vince Russo.

Finally after 3 years of teaching in Japan, Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer resurfaced and published a message for the WWE management.

She’s now back in the States and she’s going to work on a documentary called The Reconstruction of Chyna.

There’s a Kickstarter page that was set up for all of the fans who missed her and interested to help her do this documentary. There are even perks if you donate certain amounts such as having a Skype conversation with her, getting free party tickets or even getting a shout out from her!

If you’re interested to help her out with her new journey just click on the link above and make a donation!

We definitely missed the Ninth Wonder of the World and we think that it’s about time that she gets inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame!


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