The Diva from England: WWE’s Paige

paige 1. Paige came from a wrestling family.

Paige’s real name is Saraya Jade and was named after her mother Sweet Saraya, who is also a famous wrestler. Their family was featured in a documentary called “The Wrestlers: Fighting with my Family”.  Paige’s family runs the World Association of Wrestling (WAW), a promotion based in Norwich.

2. She used to be blonde.

Paige used to wrestle using the name Britani Knight which her father chose for her because Paige’s blonde hair reminded him of Britney Spears. paigeblonde

3. Paige will be making her debut in the big screen this year!!

WWE announced last April that Miz and Paige will be starring in the movie “Santa’s Little Helper”. Both Miz and Paige will find out that getting the job of being Santa’s Helper won’t be easy because they will be competing against each other’s character. The movie will be released during the holiday season.

4. Her first wrestling match happened when she was not yet born.

It’s an interesting fact that Paige’s mother, Sweet Saraya didn’t realize that she was pregnant with Paige and continued to wrestle until she was 8 months pregnant. So technically, Paige might be the only diva who can say that her first wrestling match happened when she was still in her mom’s womb. paige-saraya-knight 5. She’s the only diva to have both WWE Women’s belt and NXT Women’s belt at the same time.

She was still the undefeated NXT women’s champion when she won her impromptu match against Aj Lee for the WWE women’s championship at the age of 21. She was forced by then NXT’s general manager, JBL to relinquish her NXT title after holding it and successfully defending it in the course of 308 days. paigechamp 6. She likes musically inclined men.

Paige is one of the characters in the on going reality show of WWE, Total Divas. There were several episodes that featured her and her then boyfriend Bradley Walden who is the vocalist of the band, Emarosa. Things got sour between the two when Paige found out from Bradley’s mom that he was previously married. Paige confronted Bradley and he responded negatively by saying that he’s not obliged to tell her everything about himself.


At the moment, Paige is dating Kevin Skaff the guitarist of the bad “A Day to Remember. paigekevin

7. She almost got herself an enormous tattoo on her chest.

Paige was greatly discouraged by the WWE management and her fellow divas when she told them about her plans of getting a big tattoo on her chest. She was really serious about it and she went as far as going to the tattoo parlor and having the artist draft her tattoo. Luckily, Natalya was able to convince her that her career might get affected by her hasty decisions. In the end, she decided to just get smaller tattoos in the hands.

paige tatpaige tats

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