5 Things you have to know about WWE’s Sasha Banks

Get to know the Boss WWE’s Sasha Banks!

     1. Sasha Banks is related to a legend.


Just like Natalya, Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair and The Usos, Sasha Banks is also related to a legend. Snoop Dogg is Sasha Banks’ first cousin and he has been spotted several times supporting her in her events.

2. Sasha Banks collects Funko Pops!


She tweeted several times regarding her growing collection which includes several WWE characters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

3. Sasha Banks is one of the youngest divas in the WWE roster. 


She was born in 1992 and she previously used the alias Mercedes KV which is short for her real name, Mercedes Kaestner Vernado. She won the NXT Diva’s Championship at the age of 23.

4.She worked her way to the top.

john cena

She used to be part of Chaotic Wrestling Massachusetts and New England Championship. John Cena and Kofi Kingston are some of the famous wrestlers who were also part of those promotions.

5. She is a GEEK!


Or at least she has a great fashion style. Here are some of the photos she proudly posted of her Instagram account. There are several more wherein she’s wearing Batman shirt, WonderWoman shirt etc.

She also loves anime and plays videogames! She has also guested on Xavier Woods’ (aka WWE’s Austin Creed) Gaming channel UpUpDownDown talking about her love for Sailormoon and Videogames!

Check it out here!

Isn’t she awesome? Get to know more about the WWE Divas namely Brie Bella here and and the awesome Becky Lynch here!

WWE Network Paige 300x250


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