The Flash – Fast Enough Episode Review

Spoilers follow.    The season finale had the makings of an epic episode. And I’d say it didn’t disappoint one bit.

From episode 1 we knew that the driving force behind the Flash would be the back story and who killed his mother Nora, and will he find justice. Suffice to say, the season ender answered all those questions.    From the start of the episode the mood was set. The somber, dreadful feel was evident, we saw Barry finally confront Wells, or should I say Eobard Thawne, as to why he killed Nora. Thawne, as always, gave Barry the answer he was looking for. And we finally learn of the real intentions of Thawne as to why he killed Nora. But, as a way to get what Thawne and Barry want, Thawne proposed that Barry utilize his ability to travel through time to save his mom and also for Thawne to return to his time. This proposition formed the whole plot for this episode.    Safe to say, Barry had his doubts if he should accept this deal with Thawne and rescue his mom. The conflict really gave Grant Gustin a lot of emotions to work with, and he came through. We got some really gut wrenching scenes between him and Joe, Iris and his father Henry. All of them giving Barry varied advice, and all them striking a chord not only for Barry, but for the viewers as well. Eventually Barry accepted the offer and created the wormhole through which he could time travel. From there all signs pointed to Barry getting his wish and saving Nora, only to be waved off by future Barry. This was a great scene where we really felt for Barry. And that scene with his mother, I’d say it was the best scene I’ve seen in a superhero TV show or Movie. Ever.    With Barry choosing not to undo the past, he returned to the present just in time to stop Thawne. What ensued was the battle teased the entire season. Too bad that it was rather fast, pun intended, and ended too soon. Probably due to the financial constraints in the fx department. The surprise here was the “wildcard” in Eddie Thawne, being the hero of this moment. Kudos to the creative team for highlighting Eddie at the back-end of the season to give greater effect to that scene.

And just when you thought everything was done, the wormhole became a singularity and started sucking Central City, leaving Barry to save the day once again. Or did he. Too bad we’d have to wait until Fall for the next season. Some flash points:

  1. Eobard alluded to Cisco being a metahuman, which would only mean that Cisco’s journey to becoming Vibe might be explored next season.
  2. We got a glimpse of Caitlin in her Killer Frost costume in the Speed Force.
  3. We also got a wedding amidst all the drama, between Ronnie and Caitlin.
  4. That last scene with the Flash going in the singularity is reminiscent of the first Avengers movie.

Overall, this was a top-notch finale to a really good first season of the Flash.

I give it 5/5 lightning bolts.

Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV and comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and a full on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber isthe best weapon during a zombie apocalypse.#AgeOfTheGeek


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