Geekend Arena – Batman vs. Superman: Gladiator Recap


It’s that time once again for our Gladiators to do battle in the Geekend Arena. In this week’s installment Gladiators Gino and Raffy duke it out in a battle of wits on the age-old debate: who would win if Batman and Superman were to fight.

but we have an interesting twist planned!

To limit the proceedings and to make things a little more interesting, we have agreed on a couple of rules:

-Both participants would only choose 3 skills or tools/weapons/gadgets to defeat the opponent, provided that whatever skills or tools they choose should have some basis from across all DC comic books, tv shows, or movies.

-In addition, tools/weapons/gadgets and the like that are allowed do not have to be exclusively associated with the respective heroes. Borrowing items such as Aquaman’s Trident or Wonder Woman’s Lasso is permitted.

Also note that we are writing this blind. This means neither of us know which 3 things the other will choose. This is where anticipation and strategy will play a key part. We have written our choices separately to be uploaded at the same time so that there will be no peaking at each others answers.

With the tale of the tape serving as our preview for the main event, let’s recap the choices of our competitors:

For Superman, Gino chose: Super-strength, Thor’s Mjolinir, and the Super Flare. You can find the reasons for his choices here

For Batman, Raffy chose: The Annihilator, The Insider Suit, and Krimson Kryptonite. He explains his choices here

Gino and Raffy debated on the choices and the possible outcome from all of these scenarios. And they are resolved as follows:

The Super Flare and Krimson Kryptonite cancel each other out.


This one is obvious, the Kryptonite will leave Superman powerless thereby cancelling out the Super Flare. The same can be said if Superman decides to open things up with the Superflare because then he’d be powered down as well and would need 24 hours to recharge. This would render the Krimson K nugatory as it merely takes away Superman’s Powers and it does not have the nausea inducing and toxinblike effects of the Green version.

Batman could also teleport away when he sees the flare coming, so there’s that.

Superman’s super strength will be nullified by the Krimson K but he gains the strength of Thor through Mjolnir.


The main contention here is whether Superman is still worthy of wielding the Mjolinir even if he does not have powers. The answer is yes. Latest evidence of this is Superman #39, which shows a powered-down Superman still doing Superman stuff even though he is now vunerable. The virtues stay the same whether he has powers or not. So in short, Superman is still worthy thereby creating “Thor-el!!!!”

Being worthy, Superman/Thor-el regains super strength and dismantles the Annihilator.


Let’s face it, the Annihilator suit will eventually crumble under Superman’s strength and the power of the Mjolnir, its all a matter of time. So when it does happen, we will have a showdown between Superman “Thor-El” and Batman with the Insider Suit.

The Annihilator could repel Superman’s blows indefinitely because of its arcane nature, given that it was created by a God. The big game-changer for Supes here is the Mjolnir. The Mjolnir has been known to make short work of Frost Giants, trolls as well as other mystical creatures from all nine realms so it stands to reason that the Annihilator will just be one of its victims. Stellar pick by Gino.

The Insider Suit will even the playing field.


From this point, we agreed that if Superman would use lightning bolts to attack Batman it would result to him charging Batman’s suit, as shown in the Batman and the Outsiders issue, something Supes doesn’t want to happen. Superman would then have to rely solely on his strength and the Mjolnir to attack, Batman which may lead to him taking Batman down. From there Superman places the hammer on Batman to restrict his movement (like what he did to Loki in the first Thor Movie)and proceeds to ground and pound Batman. Batman might then use the Speed Force ability of the Insider suit and escape the hammer. Superman might try to do the same tactic again but Batman wises up and uses the teleporting ability of the suit and sends the hammer away, distant enough to prevent Superman from wielding the hammer for a good while, depending on where Bats sends the hammer. From there the playing field is even. Superman will be forced to rely on the strength endowed by Mjolinir and Batman will rely on the Insider Suit’s remaining stored energy.

It should be noted that teleporting the hammer away will not de-power “Thor-el” and will merely create a scenario similar to the one in Thor: the Dark World where Mjolnir tries to fly back to Thor across space.

In addition, after using both super-speed and the JL Teleporter, the Insider Suit shouldn’t have a lot of power left. At this point he’ll probably have around 30% percent power, with Speed force and JL teleporter presumably unavailable for the remainder of the fight.

Superman and Batman turn this into a bloody slugfest.


With both combatants relying solely on their strength and with both combatants’ strength reasonably equal, Superman is at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat against Batman. But with Superman’s knowledge of the Kryptonian martial art, Torquasm Rao he might be able to fight back and manage to make this a tight battle.

It all comes down to Will power.

With everything balancing themselves out it all boils down to the will power. And by will power we mean who has what it takes to be ruthless enough to defeat the other. And when we dig into the deepest darkest corner of the characters’ cores, it’s obvious who would win.

We agreed that Superman’s unwillingness to do all that it takes to win, which includes fighting dirty and capitalizing on weaknesses as well as his compulsion to always fight fair will limit his ability to win this fight.

Superman rarely goes to extreme lengths to come out on top. Usually, to force that out of him the safety of other people or the world at large is involved. Only then is he able to justify some degree of ruthlessness in favor of the greater good. In this arena, only the glory of victory is at stake, a cause which Superman might not value enough to justify going to extreme lengths for. Weaknesses that Batman does not share. We’ve proven that Batman, quite the opposite of Superman, is willing do whatever it takes He will capitalize on every misstep and will fight dirty just to win and send a message


The winner: 

Batman, by the narrowest of leads. Jeph Loeb in Batman: Hush said it best. “Deep down, Clark is a good person. (Batman’s) not”


Do you have different thoughts on how this particular battle will play out? What choices would you have picked? Want to see more of Geekend Arena? We wanna know what you think! so hit us up in the comments below!

Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV and comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and a full on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek

Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, cartoons, wrestling, science and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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