Nerd Rage! DC Cinematic and TV Universe

It’s that time again for the Gladiator’s weekly Nerd Rage/Rave.

This week, I’ll be discussing my pent-up frustration on DC Cinematic Universe and TV universe.

To start things off, if taken in a vacuum as a single universe, be it the movie or the TV universe of DC, I’d die happy. But what irritates me is this, the existence of two separate universes for DC’s comic book properties. I have always been a proponent of DC unifying the two universes ala Marvel’s cinematic universe. For several reasons, the more notable one’s being DC has a big advantage in a sense that their entire properties are under one corporate roof, and the other reason being a variety of universes would be down-right intimidating for people who want to appreciate the movies or the tv shows, without having a firm grasp of the inner-workings of the separate universes.

Let’s approach the first issue here, the one dealing with all of DC’s properties under one corporate roof. To me this speaks for itself, it’s easier to navigate story-lines and form a coherent universe if all your characters are there at your disposal. If you compare this to Marvel’s predicament, Marvel has a tougher time to bring to life the stories in the comic books for the simple reason that most of their properties (X-Men, Fantastic 4, Spiderman) belonged to different film companies, but eventhough that was the case Marvel still found a way to make it work. For DC, nope, well not yet at least. But come on, all that DC needs is THAT guy that can make this happen.

Sure, we’re seeing DC make strides to unify thier properties, even announcing that in 2017 a Justice League movie will be released. And exciting as it may sound, but the truth remains, the TV universe will never form part of that Movie universe. And that is just a shame. Just imagine if the rich history of Arrow and The Flash shows were integrated to this Movie universe, then all the fans would be treated to a spectacle different from what Marvel has done.

The second point of my contention is this, it’s a nightmare for non-comicbook readers or fans to navigate this multiverse as it seems. The biggest example of this are my relatives who are in their mid-40s and above, when they watched X-Men DOFP and the Avengers: AoU and encountered two versions of Quicksilver being played by two different actors. And even though you explain with all your might, they would still be confused. Now apply that to DC, where we will now see two versions of the Flash, Deadshot, and presumably other heroes. Let’s see you explain the concept of the multiverse in the comic books and apply the same to movies and tv shows. I guess what I’m saying here is DC dropped the ball in consolidating their properties in one stream-lined universe and in the process once again fell behind Marvel, especially with the recent success of Marvel with Daredevil.

And as stated earlier, I really thought DC had an opportunity if only they proceeded with what I had in mind. And what is that exactly? Let me enlighten you. My vision was for DC to start with TV shows, low-risk and the perfect avenue to build a solid fan-base. The success of Smallville early on and Lately Arrow and The Flash are just a testament of how DC gets the TV genre works. And from there DC builds the world of the Justice League which culminates in a big blockbuster movie, and not the other way around by making Justice League then branching to solo movies. By proceeding with the vision/plan I had, DC would have easily dominated Marvel in the TV medium and later on the Movie scene.

Truth is, I was really hoping against hope that DC was moving towards that direction by having a news flash on Arrow about the events in Metropolis regarding Superman and Zod (Man of Steel), and then again with Ra’s Al Ghul expecting Liam Neeson to reprise his role, which by the way was so close from happening. But again DC disappointed. But hope still remains, who knows maybe a Crisis event happens in both universes leading to a consolidated DC universe.

Sadly for now, we have to settle for what ifs and maybes. Hopefully this so-called plan of DC pans out.

Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV and comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and a full on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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