Geekend Arena! Tale of the tape: Batman Edition!

image It’s that time once again for our Gladiators to do battle in the Geekend Arena. In this week’s installment Gladiators Gino and Raffy duke it out in a battle of wits on the age-old debate: “Who would win in a battle between Batman and Superman”

To limit the proceedings and to make things a little more interesting, we have agreed on a couple of rules:

-Both participants would only choose 3 skills or tools/weapons/gadgets to defeat the opponent, provided that whatever skills or tolls they choose would have some basis from across all DC comic books, tv shows, or movies.

-In addition, tools/weapons/gadgets and the like that are allowed do not have to be exclusively associated with the respective heroes. Borrowing items such as Aquaman’s Trident or Wonder Woman’s Lasso is permitted.

Also note that we are writing this blind. This means neither of us know which 3 things the other will choose. This is where anticipation and strategy will play a key part.

We have written our choices separately to be uploaded at the same time so that there will be no peaking at each others answers.

Gino has chosen to defend Superman, making Raffy for Batman.

Let the games begin!

In the dark, shadowy corner! Wearing Grey and Black! FIGHTING! Out of Gotham city.. He is the Caped Crusader! He is the fear! He is the night!



Let me begin by staying true to the time-honored tradition of Batman having a special suit of armor equipped to face off against Superman.

image We’ve seen Batman utilize many of these special suits over the years, from the Anti-Superman suit in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to the more recent “Justice Buster” suit hot off the pages of the ongoing Batman: Endgame Story Arc. However, though these suits seem to be able to hold their own against the Big Blue Boy Scout at first, they don’t always seem to go the distance. That’s why I’m jumping away from all those “conventional” armors and going for a more specialized one.

For my first pick, I choose: the Annihilator

image The Annihilator is a suit of Armor from the late great Justice League Unlimited TV series. It was created by Ares as an unstoppable juggernaut capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage, even shrugging off Wonder Woman’s blows at one point. The Annihilator is also powered by magic and is protected by various arcane wards. This aspect will capitalize on one of the lesser known weaknesses of Superman. Yup, Magic.

Do you bleed? …you will.

The Armor does have a weakness though, it’s powered by violence and aggression, and the absence of those sources causes the Annihilator to shut down. However, seeing as this is a duel, there wont be any shortage of aggression anytime soon.

In fighting an extremely fast and powerful being such as Superman, the first and most important step is Survival. The Annihilator ensures that every time Superman is on the offensive, Batman has an equally powerful defensive measure active. This ensures that Batman isn’t easily vaporized by heat vision or pounded into mush before he even blinks. At the very least, this should guarantee a draw.

Now I know that this is Superman and with his power set, and his heightened/superior thinking, he might be able to find away to overcome the Annihilator. So if or when he breaches the Annihilator, I have a little surprise waiting for him.

My second pick is the “Insider Suit”

image The Insider suit comes from the pages of Bruce Wayne: the Road Home. It’s my catch-all contingency plan for all the unexpected things that come up when dealing with someone as powerful as the Last Son of Krypton.

It’s got a Spectral Mode which allows it to become Invisible and dampens all the noise that it produces as well as protect its wearer from psychic interference. It’s got Speed force Mode, which allows limited access to the Speed Force, just like the Flash. It can replicate Heat Vision, Willpower Blasts and Flight. And if all else fails, It’s got access to the Justice League Teleporter for a quick getaway or change of scenery.

It slices! It dices! It shoots Laser Beams!

The big limitation with the Insider Suit however, is its limited energy source. The suit needs a great deal of energy in replicating the different powers and when it does the cooldown periods of the powers range from of 4-24 hours in between usage. It is this weakness that makes me rely on the Insider Suit only as a failsafe. As an escape mechanism or a one-shot surprise swiss army knife to whatever surprises Gino and Superman may have in store. It also serves another purpose, however, delivering the payload.

My Third Pick: Kryptonite

Awwww come on. Everyone and their kryptonian cousin saw this one coming. To be honest, it was such an obvious giveaway that on the onset I refused to rely on it because it’s such a predictable move. But in the end I realized that the effectivity of Kryptonite is too good an advantage to pass up. I also know that there are various counter-measures in place against it. I know about the Anti-Kryptonite Suit, Gino. That’s why in true Batman Style, I planned counter-measures for the counter-measures. More on that later.

It’s not your garden variety Green Kryptonite, I’ve chosen either. I’m going to stretch the limitations of this Arena by picking Krimson Kryptonite.


Krimson K is a variant of Red Kryptonite created by Mr. Mxyzptlk, a powerful other-wordly being. Exposure to Krimson K leads Kryptonians to the loss of his/her powers. Also, an important thing to note is that Krimson K does not emit radiation. Therefore, nullifying the Anti-Kryptonite Suit’s protection as Krimson K effects are magic-based.

Furthermore Krimson K does not appear to have the weakening, toxin-like effects of Green K and it is presumed that prolonged exposure to it will not kill Superman. It merely renders him powerless. This supports another key facet in line with my choices: Batman does not kill.


-Use the Annihilator’s Arcane protection against Superman’s Speed, Strength and other powers. Should Superman attempt to pacify the Annihilator by not showing aggression this nullifies his offense and gives Batman some time to re-adjust and re-evaluate. Every minute that Batman isn’t losing, is a minute spent to plan how he will win.

-In case Superman does get through the Annihilator, the Insider Suit gives Bats a variety of options, leaving him to choose only the most appropriate one due to the aforementioned Power limitations :

  • Quick Escape via Speed Force mode.
  • Use the Justice League Teleporter to transport them somewhere where the yellow Sun can’t reach them. Hopefully, the battle exhausts Superman’s solar energy reserves long enough for Batman to get the upper hand. I could say, teleport them to a Red Sun but I don’t think the Annihilator nor the Insider will survive in space.
  • Finally, use the Speed Force mode to put the Krimson K into play and protect it. I don’t think the Invisibility, Spectral or Will power mode will be much use in this fight, its best to leave them alone to preserve energy but they’re there if we need them

-The Annihilator has been known to be breached before by Shayera Hol a.k.a. Hawkgirl’s Nth Metal Mace, which leads to another problem. Most likely Superman will have brought an anti-magic device with him to this fight in order to cover up his weakness. Its most likely the Nth Metal Mace or anything Nth Metal as it famously and very effectively distorts any and all magical fields, curses, and spells. At this point our only hope is to super heat the metal with the Insider’s Heat Vision mode and hope that its magical nature causes harm to Superman’s hand and he drops it. Then we use all our remaining power to teleport it away or us away from it.

-Once the Krimson K has rendered Superman powerless, the assumption is that Batman will best him in hand-to-hand combat and be able to subdue him, winning the duel.

Did you like my choices? Or did I just commit Bat Blasphemy? Let me know in the comments below! Also, Check back here on Saturday when we consolidate our choices and find out who will come out on top, Gino and Superman or Me and Bats! Stay tuned! Same bat-time! Same Bat-channel! (Site.. whatever)


Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun).He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, cartoons, wrestling, science and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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