How To Get Your Own Marvel Collector Corps in the Philippines


The Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription box service designed by Funko and Marvel. It is guaranteed that only exclusive items will be included in each box and the theme will be built around a major Marvel event.


There are two kinds of subscription: Founders and Collector. You’ll get exclusive themed items worth $50 for only $25 dollars. However, the Founders program will get you an additional annual gift which is an 8″ Founder Statue on the anniversary of your subscription and you have to pay $150 upfront for the annual fee.


The themes for this year:

April – Avengers Age of Ultron

June – Antman

August – to be announced

October – to be announced


To get your own Marvel Collector Corps you must follow these steps:

1. Go to this site and choose your program:

2. Register with Johnny Air Plus and use of their addresses for your shipping.

3. Don’t forget to notify Johnny Air Plus about your purchase and give them the tracking number to make the process easier and faster.

4. Wait for the confirmation text that your Marvel Collector Corps is ready for pick up!

Note: The shipping process takes about 10-14 days. We paid $25 for the corps and the shipping fee is around Php 1466 including the taxes and other fees.


10 thoughts on “How To Get Your Own Marvel Collector Corps in the Philippines

  1. Sorry but I’m confused. For the subscription it is $31.95(w/ shipping $6.95) = P1517($1 = P47.50). How much will johnny air charge for shipping to the Philippines and will be the total cost? Thanks


  2. How much did you spend all in all? As per the Marvel collector corp site, the amount will be $25 for the box plus $6.95 for the shipping within US.


    1. Hi Gian 🙂 It means they will release a new box once every two months and you will get charged once every two months too 🙂 Don’t worry though cause you can cancel the subscription anytime.


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