Arrow Episode Review – This is Your Sword

Warning, spoilers follow.
The League of Assassins vs. Team Arrow. That right there deserves to be billed “THE Fight of the Century”.

We finally got a glimpse of what would happen if the League and Team Arrow would go head to head. And for the most part, it seemed that our heroes would prevail and finally defeat Ra’s and get Oliver back to his old self, maybe, but just not yet.

In tonight’s episode, aside from that cool fight scene, we got a newer angle on how the Alpha-Omega Virus got into the hands of the League, and to my surprise it was Maseo who actually gave Ra’s the virus. A stunning turn of events after we come to know that this is the same virus that killed Akio. And finally, we were given more character depth in Maseo and Tatsu as compared with the entire season. We finally know that Maseo had a death wish and joining the league was his own twisted way of coping with Akio’s death. We also got to see Tatsu and Maseo finally reunited, for just a little bit, before Maseo’s death. A bit cheesy that Tatsu (debut as Katana) was the one who killed Maseo, but a poignant scene nonetheless.

Another element in this episode is the reveal that Oliver and Malcolm was really in cahoots all this time. And that whatever dark side shenanigans Oliver did last week was to gain the trust of Ra’s. Of course, team Arrow still doubts this, which speaks volumes as to the effects of Oliver’s actions last week. And as the plan continues to unravel, I’m baffled as to how Malcolm’s confession to Ra’s about the plan fits in all of this. We’ll have to wait and see. 

Also, Roy was thrown back into the equation by having Thea look for him. And while it was nice to see them back again, it was also heartbreaking that Roy left Thea in the end so that Thea could finally move on.

And finally, Oliver is now one step away from ascending to the Demon’s throne after the wedding with Nyssa. Just how far this elaborate plan will take our heroes remains to be seen.
Some quick fire notes:

  1. This might be the last time in a long while we’ll be seeing Roy, since this was the last episode in his contract for this season, and being demoted from series regular.
  2. Thea is on her way to take the mantle of Red Arrow as Speedy with Roy leaving his hood with her.
  3. Katana made her debut this week and it rocked. More of her please.
  4. I’m hoping the whole Team Arrow is dead is just another ruse. (Well, of course it is).

Overall, it doesn’t get better than this. Arrow is finally scraping the bar that was set so high by season 2.
I give it 4/5 Arrowheads.
Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV and Comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making by day and a full on geek by night. He believes that the lightsaber is the best weapon during a zombie apocalypse. #AgeOfTheGeek


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