Comic Book of the Week (30 April 2015) – Batman #40

Warning, spoilers follow.

This issue got us waiting for far longer than expected, no thanks in part to the Convergence event that DC launched a month ago.
So, last time around we were left with a cliff-hanger of Batman gathering all of his allies and villains to team-up to bring down the Joker. And the issue picked-up right where we left it. Batman going-up against Joker. In all honesty, it was refreshing to see Batman and the villains teamwork. From Ivy shielding the team from the joker-zombies to Bane and Batmand doing an x-men-esque team-up with Bane throwing Batman towards Joker.

Now, a good Batman story always has that threat that Batman would fail and all that jazz. And I can say that this was eminent throughout the issue, even the whole Endgame story-arc. We saw the all too many close calls between the Bat family and the ensuing encounter between Joker and Batman.

Another element to good Batman story-telling is the twist. Or in this issue’s case the twists. And for the benefit of those who want to read this and experience the twist itself, I’d leave it at that. But I assure you, it worked well.

I am pretty much sure that this story would easily be one that would be talked about for a long time.

So by the end of this arc, I am at a loss for words. I honestly don’t know where this would go on frohere, after all of the major events that happened. All I can say though is this, I was baffled and floored by the ending. And the story arc title “Endgame” really did live up to its name.
Overall: 5/5!
Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV episode and Comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full on geek by night. #AgeOfTheGeek


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