Arrow – Al Sah-Him Episode Review

Warning, spoilers follow.

“It’s either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Welcome to the dark side Darth Oliver, or aka Al Sah-Him.

This week’s episode really was as dark as it gets in the chapter of Oliver Queen’s story. We saw how he was trained, or maybe a more correct word is tortured, into becoming a member of the League of Assasins. Regularly being subjected to sword trainings and abruptly awakened by a bucket of water. In fact during this whole sequence we come to learn of the mind altering substance used by the League to cast away the demons of the past from the member being initiated. Oliver’s demon came in the form of Diggle, which he sorta, kinda “killed” in this sequence. 

The whole transformation in the opening part of the episode was a little too much to accept, seeing that no brainwashing of some sort was explicitly made to Oliver. But as the story progressed the viewers became believers that this isn’t the Oliver that we know of. This version was cold, brutal, hollow. In fact in the climax we see Team Arrow (should it still be called that?) sans Oliver go head-to-head with the League to exchange Nyssa with Layla, and in that sequence we see a cold-hearted Oliver beat the hell out of Diggle. Now in my book, that’s just cold. First using Layla as bait and then beating him up, it just shows that the Oliver we know is dead(?)

Speaking of Team Arrow, we saw how they handled the fallout of Oliver’s choice. And its good to see that they have kept on the crusade started by the Arrow. Laurel continues her training under Nyssa’s tutelage, only to be abruptly ended with the whole Nyssa must be killed so that Oliver would fully ascend to the title of the Demon’s head.

Also, this was a strong showing from the whole cast, acting-wise. I particularly “digged” David Ramsey’s acting in this episode, especially when he went off on Nyssa. That was just some good acting right there. Another honorable mention is Thea. I really liked the idea of her stepping-up and being more proactive in saving her brother. That part where she suited-up as an archer, that was just wow!

As for the flashback parts, little came to fruition here. All that wasa revealed was that the same thing that we all know, Akio would be in danger and would probably die due to the Alpha-Omega Virus. Which in turn would lead to Maseo joining the league. What I’m curious about is, what would be his reaction if he knows that Ra’s plans to use the same virus that could have possibly killed his son. Maybe we’ll find out soon.

Some quick points:

  1. We finally got to see the Canary Cry in action.
  2. We got some light scenes with Nyssa trying out the black & white milkshake with fries.
  3. And possible building up to season 4 with the mention of Damian Darhk.

Overall: 4/5 Arrowheads. We’re nearing the finale and I can’t wait to see how our heroes would trump the League.
Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV episode and Comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at morning and a full on geek by night. #AgeOfTheGeek


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