The Flash – The Trap Episode Review

Warning, will contain MAJOR spoilers.

Whoo! My reaction after this week’s episode: “Oh. My. God!!!” It was just that good. The stakes were definitely raised from the opening scene and just continued to sky-rocket as the episode went along.

I honestly thought that at the start that whatever exposè was dropped from Barry and the team conversing with Gideon was as good as it gets, but the whole lucid dreaming thingamajig used on Cisco to bring back the events of the alternate timeline was even more eye-opening. From there the team finally knows about how Wells killed Cisco and the confession that came with it.

Upon knowing this the team devised the trap, hence the title of the episode, against Wells and have tried to recreate all of the circumstances during Wells’ initial confession and supposedly demise of Cisco. The whole planning by the team was superb in my opinion, with the anti-speedster barrier utilized by Cisco. The catch however, is that it didn’t work. Now I wouldn’t go deep into the result of such so as not to rob you of the reveal. But just so you know, the reveal got me twisted in all sorts of knots with the execution.

A recurring theme in the episode was the marriage theme. First with the reveal that Barry and Iris end up together, based on the newspaper from the future. Then with Eddie asking Joe’s permission to propose to Iris. And lastly, Captain Singh and his fiancè. It balanced the episode really well, as the marriage theme lightened the mood with the more serious part regarding Dr. Wells.

The flashbacks also gave the viewers a clearer picture as to what happened while Barry was in a coma after being struck by lightning. We saw the choice that Joe had to make when Wells approached him to save Barry. The same goes with Iris and her confession that she needs Barry. The best flashback though came courtesy of Dr. Wells.

I’ll say, I’m enjoying how Tom Cavanagh portrays Dr. Wells. You just can’t hate him because he’s just that good.
Some “flash” notes:

  1. Cisco’s nerdy quips this episode have been enjoyable, referencing Marty Mcfly and the polaroid picture, and Inception as well.
  2. Was giddy when Gideon almost said Barry Allen, founding member of the Justice League.
  3. Barry finally gets to use his arms to create an arm-vortex.

Overall: 4.5/5 lightning bolts!

Can’t wait for the fall-out of this episode, and the introduction of Gorilla Grodd!


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