All New X-Men #40 Review

Warning, spoilers follow:

Ok, I wasn’t planning on reviewing this issue as I had another comic book in mind, but with all the recent news circulating this issue I figured, what the hell.

So truthfully, not what I expected. It was a let down in my opinion.

So all the X-Men are back on earth, sans Kitty Pride, after the events of Black Vortex. And sure, its refreshing seeing the time-displaced x-men all together again on earth. It’s certainly feels like they deserve the peace and quiet. Until Jean privately outs Bobby for being gay. Now here is where I feel everything was forced. I feel like the whole Bobby being gay came out of nowhere, it feels illogical, if this Bobby is the past version of current day Bobby, then what changed. Prior to this there was no inkling of Bobby being gay yet the explanation provided in the issue was flimsy at best. Oh well.

 The book however had a redeeming factor in Warren and Laura’s moment. We got the whole story as to why Warren chose to be transformed by the Black Vortex and it provided some poignant moments with Laura. But, here’s the but, I have a feeling that something down the road would go wrong in this relationship and Warren might just not be able to escape his destiny.

The issue also introduced this mysterious Utopians. As to how this group could impact the story, with just one issue remaining before the big Marvel summer event, I just don’t know.

Oh, I did enjoy seeing Maria Hill thumping her head on the monitor.

So overall, a pretty uneven issue, and the story would have benefitted more if Bobby’s sexual preference was fleshed out more or given some time to tell its own story and not just be out of the blue. The saving grace came from Warren and Laura, hopefully this doesn’t end badly.
Overall: 2.5/5 Comic book pages.
Gino is the Gldiator’s resident TV episode and comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full on geek by night. #AgeOfTheGeek


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