Arrow – Broken Arrow Episode Review


Building on last week’s episode, Arrow continues to gain momentum as we head to the season finale.

Warning, spoilers follow.

Picking-up on the events that transpired in the previous episode, the episode focused on the fall-out of Roy’s surrender to the SCPD. As expected, Captain Lance continues to pursue Oliver for being the vigilante and doesn’t believe one bit that Roy is the Arrow. Lance eventually even raided the Arrow Cave only to find that all traces of the team were wiped except for Roy’s prints.


Speaking of Roy, he was undoubtedly the focus of this week’s installment. We were treated with more than usual scenes of him, all of which were standouts in their own right. One of the best scenes was the emotional conversation Roy had with Thea, where we could see that underlying message in their body language. Another standout was when Roy defended himself from a group of prisoners with his hands cuffed behind him. The action sequence was beautifully coordinated and was stylish in its own right.


As for the villain of the week, a metahuman codenamed Death Bolt was introduced. The twist here was that it was Ray who faced the villain thanks to Oliver being followed arround by the SCPD. In the first encounter Ray was clearly outmatched, thus failing, which in turn lead to Oliver giving him a lecture in superhero 101. When the second encounter took place however, Ray came up on top, with a major push from Oliver with his link to Ray and in the end giving him that boost with his words of encouragement.

The proceedings got even more serious with the death of Roy while in prison. Thankfully it was all a fake-out orchestrated by Dig, Felicity and Roy himself. For a while I honestly believed what happened there. But the fallout of the “death” clearly dealt a big blow to Thea and Oliver himself. The result to this plan was also a plus, it showcased how tight this group has become and also signalling how much Roy, as a character, has matured and proved that he is more than capable to handle himself. The downside of this was having Roy leave Starling for his supposed death.

And just when we thought that team Arrow might have won a round against Ra’s, Ra’s appears in Thea’s home and in the process stabs Thea and leaves her there to die. Though with the incantation that Ra’s recited, nothing is certain with Thea’s death.

All in all, this week’s episode has upped the sense of a looming showdown between Oliver and Ra’s, and the question of just how much more Oliver can take before he relents to Ra’s. Can’t wait for the next installment.

Just some quick points:

  1. A new catalyst for metahumans was touched upon after Ray and Cisco discover that Deathbolt was not among those affected.
  2. Flashback scenes are starting to clear up on the whole mystery of Oliver and ARGUS team-up.
  3. Roy leaving Starling might have something to do with the spin-off series. Also, Roy has one appearance left this season before being removed as a series regular from Arrow.


4/5 Arrowheads.


Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV and Comicbook reviewer. He is a lawyer in the making at day and full-on geek by night. #AgeOfTheGeek


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