The Flash – All Star Team Up Episode Review

This week’s episode featured a change of pace for the The Flash in terms of tone. It was far darker and somber than the previous installments, notwithstanding the presence of Felicity and Ray Palmer in Central City.


Warning, spoilers follow:

 “It’s a bird, it’s a plane..”

As this week’s episode opened, we were given an opportunity to witness the trio of Eddie, West, and Barry rounding up criminals and cleaning up the streets of Central City. Unfortunately, this week’s theme revolved around wedges in relationships. More on that later.

Brie Larvin served as the villain of the week for the Flash, but did little in terms of villain-y due to her personal vendettas with her victims. She, however, served her purpose by moving the proceedings of the episode. The main villain in this episode remains to be Dr. Wells, but not in terms of doing physical harm, rather, by doing some emotional damage to our heroes.


Cisco was given a fair amount of the spotlight this week with his bromance with Ray Palmer as they tried to improve on the Atom Suit. Cisco even saved Atom from the bee sting from Brie’s robo-bees. But the main story for Cisco was that he was getting glimpses of the alternate timeline where Wells kills him, and in the end serves to set-up the stage for turmoil in Team Flash.

Getting back to the theme of wedges in relationships, it became obvious that the gap between Barry and Wells is getting wider and wider and only time will tell when everything snaps. Animosity between the two has started to affect the team as well, especially when at the end of the episode Barry finally brought Caitlyn and Cisco into his group. By doing this, Barry has also seemed to have caused a wedge between Caitlyn and Cisco, and only time will tell what would happen.

Eddie also had a rough week with, again, a wedge is placed between him and Iris in the form of Barry, thereby causing friction between Eddie and Barry. Maybe this would be a turning point for Eddie and probably send him down the path of darkness.

Overall, the episode dealt more with the drama in lieu of action and now we are being primed for the showdown between Barry and Wells. Cant’t wait!

Some “flash” notes:

  1. The introduction of Ray was a light moment with Caitlyn and Cisco exclaiming “its a bird”, “its a plane”, respectively.
  2. Felicity meeting her nemesis in Brie Larvin, and dropping the mic.
  3. The first Flash and Atom team-up. Hopefully next time it would be a better team-up


Rating: 3.5/5 Lightning bolts.


Gino is the Gladiator’s resident TV episode and comicbook reviewer. A lawyer in the making by day, and full on geek by night. #AgeOfTheGeek.


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