Metal Gear Solid Movie Casting


OUR TOPIC: METAL GEAR SOLID MOVIE CASTING For purposes of limiting the discussion, we limit ourselves to the characters in MGS1







Gino’s Pick: Michael Fassbender

  Why: We’ve all seen Fassbender go all James Bond on the X-Men First Class movie, and I’m certain that a majority of us agree that he should have his own spy movie franchise of his own. And what better movie to do that then the Metal Gear Movie. When it comes to the appearance, he has that lean, wiry look down. Badassery, check. Acting chops, check. Fan following, check. All that he has to do right now is get that gruffy voice and put on the Solid Eye and grab the Operator handgun and we have our Solid Snake.

Raffy’s Pick: Hugh Jackman

hugh Why: When someone says Solid Snake, I immediately think “versatility”. Yes, he does favor the clandestine, stealthy, up-close-and-personal approach to things but he’s no slouch in a straight-out firefight either. He can take on entire squads of soldiers just as easily as he can sneak past them. He can take down psychopaths with freaky abilities as well as big hulking mechanical juggernauts.

In Hollywood, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actor more versatile than Hugh-frickin’-Jackman (Disclaimer:not his real middle name). The guy has played a singing cowboy, a hacker, a magician, a vampire hunter just to name a few. And of course, let’s not forget, the dude is frickin’ Wolverine. Jackman IS versatility personified. He can no doubt deliver on the character’s physicality and gruff, battle savvy style as well as pull off that weighty gravitas that Solid Snake is known for. Plus, did you see him rock that mullet while kicking robot ass in his most recent film Chappie? just sayin’ dawg




Gino’s Pick: Liam Neeson

  Why: Come on, there’s no other obvious choice for this. Big Boss is that big badass Solid Snake, but only on the villain side; he has the skills, knowhow and is battle-weary; and his stature is imposing and frightening. Now let’s look at Neeson. Skills, knowhow and battle-weariness, check, just ask all those people he killed in Taken. Imposing stature and commands respect, check, just ask the League of Shadows and all the Padawans. And that voice, just perfect for Big Boss. I dare you to look for a better choice than Neeson for the role.

  Raffy’s Pick: Sean Bean


Imagine all the “Brace yourselves, Nukes are coming” memes.

Why: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Sean Bean is MY prime candidate for Big Boss. Similar to Hugh Jackman, Bean possesses that wide range of acting that is so essential in giving depth to the character. Bean can also easily fill in the physically demanding aspects of the character while leaning towards a battle-hardened, grizzled veteran persona as opposed to Solid Snake’s youthful suave. Additionally, Bean also excels in evoking emotional but steadfast bravery in the face of dire circumstances, which is a key personality trait in the Naked Snake story arc.





Gino’s Pick: Jesse Eisenberg

Why: I know this it out of the blue, but I believe that he is worthy of this role. When we first meet Otacon in the game, he is that bumbling, nerdy, engineer running and hiding for his life and as the game progressed he has grown confident of his skills and has become one of the best allies of Snake. Eisenberg possesses that same character traits based on his previous movie performances. If you just watch the opening scenes of Zombieland, you’d get my point on Eisenberg being that bumbling nerd running for his life, now take a look at his performance in Now You See Me and you’d see the confident side of Otacon. And the best thing is, Eisenberg can pull-off that nerdy side of Otacon.

Raffy’s Pick: Nicholas Hoult


Why: I’ve always seen Otacon as a complex character despite falling into the bumbling genius stereotype at times. On the surface, sure, he’s the lovable cowardly dork, but as the story progresses we see him come into his own, overcoming his fears,sticking around providing assistance despite the constant threat to his life and forging a solid (pun intended) bond with Snake. I know Nicholas Hoult is a little on the pretty boy side but he’ll get the job done. Drawing primarily on his work as Hank Maccoy in Xmen: First Class, I know Hoult can project awkward self-reservation well. He has also proven capable of going through a complete character arc convincingly. Seeing him embrace his true self in the X:FC was genuinely an empowering experience. I want him to bring that to Otacon (minus the blue fur of course.)




 Gino’s Pick: Alexandra Daddario

  Why: The whole Metal Gear series shows us the progression and development of the characters. One of the characters that has shown real progress and depth is Meryl. It is sort of a coming-of-age role for any up and coming actor. Speaking of an up and coming actor, Daddario is perfect for that role. From the moment that you see her enter the screen on The Percy Jackson series, you know that she would be a star. While true that she has yet to take on any action role, this could be her intro to that realm. Hey, even Meryl was a “rookie” and “too green” when she debuted on Metal Gear, perfect for Daddario who is considered the same.  

Raffy’s Pick: Jena Malone


“Who?” you say? Here let me refresh you’re memory


Why: YUP! that Jena Malone. If there’s was anything good to take away from the unfortunate train wreck that was Sucker Punch, was that 1.) those ladies can kick some goddamn ass. And 2.) None kick it harder than Jena Malone. That trench scene where she hands various baddies their respective asses using daggers, submachine guns and an old-timey pistol was absolutely sublime. Of course there’s more to Meryl than just action, there is also a gentle, fragile core behind that tough girl fascade that we occasionally get glimpses of, a quality that, I think they both share.




Gino’s pick: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

  Why: Raven is considered the muscle on this particular Fox Unit. He is muscular, big, loud, and all around cocky. Remind you of someone? Yep, it’s no other than The Rock. He’s got down all the traits of Raven and then some. Perfect for the role of Raven, and once you cast this dude for the role, I’m pretty much sure he’d go and steal the show. The Rock can bring the much needed stamp of badassery needed to pull-off this role that only a few people would be qualified to do. And remember that scene in GI Joe: Retaliation? Bam! You bet your candy ass that he is meant for that role.

Raffy’s Pick: Terry Crews


Why: Pretty straightforward, Big dude with a Minigun= Terry Crews. Next!




Gino’s Pick: Lyndsy Fonseca

  Why: Russian femme fatale? Your go to actresses are all too mainstream. Lyndsy, however, isn’t. Forget that she’s Ted Mosby’s daughter and instead witness her kick some serious butt on Nikita. She isn’t your typical Russian spy too, but then again, on Nikita she was a Russian who just happens to be an American black ops operator. She holds her own in action scene and even stronger in the dramatic scenes.

Raffy’s Pick: Emily Blunt


Why: Ever since I watched the criminally underrated Edge of Tomorrow, I have been a huge fan of Emily Blunt. Her Sergeant Rita Vrataski is the one of the kick-ass female soldiers ever portrayed in film. With Sniper Wolf, one of the best videogame villains of all time, Emily would bring that ruthlessness and combat prowess to the table. I don’t know how good her Russian accent or if she’s into revealing military uniforms, but I’m betting she can make it work.




  Gino’s Pick: William Devane

  Why: Devane has played the president on the recent 24 Live Another Day season. On that particular season he was the one ordering Jack Bauer on the mission. And the difference between MGS and 24? Nothing. Its particularly the same thing. Devane was convincing for the role of president. Bringing the charisma and power that comes with that position, yet you know that there is something else behind that facade of his, same goes with Campbell. We all know he has Snake’s back, or wait, does he?

Raffy’s Pick: Bryan Cranston


Why: Bryan Cranston seems to always have that straight-laced aura that is essential to portraying an authority figure in the military. However, what I think makes Cranston a prime-candidate as Campbell is how close he shows his emotions and personal interests  nudge up against that wall of stoicism. In the first game, Campbell constantly mitigates his desire for his “niece” Meryl to be saved against his military inclinations that the mission not be compromised. Sometimes he stops cold, unwilling to express to Snake that he prioritze Meryl’s safety first. Other times he completely goes over the line and his family man side shows. A delicate balancing act not unfamiliar to Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston




Gino’s Pick: Robert Knepper

  Why: When you mention the name Psycho Mantis, you’d instantly think of a crazy, telepathic, psychopath. He’s frightening and creepy in his own way, and for a kid who played the game, you’d absolutely be scared of him especially when he first appears. Now take Knepper, he has that crazy, sociopathic look already. Plus he’s already played one in T-Bag on Prison Break. The guy’s got psycho mantis written all over him. Heck, He even has that “I’ll test you to the best of your abilities” look that could give Snake the most intellectual battle he could handle. If he gets the role, pray that you can change the port of your controller.  

Raffy’s Pick: Hugo Weaving

hugo-weaving1Mr. Plissken, Welcome Back. We missed you

Why: What compels me to select Hugo Weaving to play Psycho Mantis is his larger than life portrayal of V in V for Vendetta. Weaving was able to project a wide array of emotion and character while wearing a very obscuring mask, just by using slight tweaks of the head and playing with the lighting. A feat that amazes me immensely even to this day. Like V, Mantis also wears a mask which conceals a majority of his face, It would be outstanding if Weaving was able to retool some of that V magic for this character. Additionally, Weaving is no stranger to playing sinister villains as he has famously portrayed Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogies, Red Skull in the first Captain America movie and even lent his voice to Megatron in the Transformers Movies.




  Gino’s Pick: Gary Oldman

Why: If there’s one constant villain on this series, it’s got to be Ocelot. He is one of the best gunslingers on this game and is equal parts charming and deadly. The guy is down right eccentric. Ocelot is also one of the characters who has that deeper back story that is tragic. And it takes a special type of actor that could portray this role, and who better than Oldman? Oldman has had his share of memorable characters on the silver screen. He’s a chameleon when it comes to these roles and is fully dedicated to them. He can bring that charm and bravado that Ocelot possesses to real life like no other actor can.

Raffy’s Pick: Jeff Bridges


Why: Stubborn, battle-weary, killer handgun skills, long-winded and arrogant to a fault these are the things that make up Revolver Ocelot. Aside from looking the part, I’m confident that Jeff Bridges can absolutely play the part well. He has the gunslinger side from his work in True Grit and RIPD down and the ruthless villain side from his role as Obadiah Stane a.k.a. Iron Monger in the first Iron Man film. Meld those two together throw in the Colt Single Action Army-The greatest gun ever created, and you get Revolver Ocelot.




  Gino’s pick: Cillian Murphy

Why: Liquid, being the main antagonist to Snake, can be described as cunning, brutal, and fearsome. He commands respect from his band of brothers and is the mastermind of the whole issue in the series. From the moment Liquid conned Snake into believing his Miller and making Snake do his bidding to the time he starts throwing punches in that epic battle, you can say that he is a force to be reckoned with. And based on the roles Cillian has played, he can be all sorts of cunning, just take for example the thriller Red Eye or his take on Dr. Crane. Cillian can deliver the goods when it comes to that menacing, cold-hearted, cerebral killer. Sure, he doesn’t fit the bill built-wise, but that can be easily remedied. He is, in my opinion, the most underrated actor in recent memory. And by casting him as Liquid, he would solidify his stake as an actor to watch. 

Raffy’s Pick: Christian Bale


Why: To be completely honest, I’ve been of two minds on this. Initially I couldn’t decide who, between Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, would play which Snake. What convinced me in my internal argument was I that I would love to see Christian Bale as a villain. Not just any villain mind you, this is Liquid Snake, a sinister, manipulative leader of men with a penchant for showmanship.

 Christian Bale and his roles seem to favor the solo-act or the lone wolf, in command only of himself, while occasionally seeking minor guidance from a few others around him. It would be nice to see Bale break out of that and be in the forefront of a group, bringing together the very diverse FOXHOUND unit and directing its sinister goals with razor-sharp precision. Such a feat would take charisma and ruthlessness, traits that Bale has in his repertoire but are understated.

This would also pit Bale against Jackman again, invoking their electrifying rivalry from The Prestige, something I would very much like to witness again.


Do you think we nailed it? do you think we’re crazy? Oh yeah?! well who do you pick?! tell us in the comments below! also throw us a Chaff Grenade on Facebook: Geekend Gladiators and like our codec on Twitter, the frequency is @geekendglads


Gino is the Gladiators resident TV episode and comicbook reviewer, and a lawyer in the making by day and full on comicbook geek by night. From time to time dabbles in creating his own comicbook series. He is best known for this hashtag #AgeOfTheGeek

Raffy Leynes is a geek of all trades (master of fun). He loves videogames, comicbooks, movies, cartoons, science and art. Lately, he’s been liking his geekery with a dash of “Indie”. He doesn’t know what the f*ck musings are but he is told he does them on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


4 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid Movie Casting

  1. Interesting read, I vote for Raffy’s choices just because he picked Jeff Bridges for the role of Ocelot, his performance in True Grit was nothing short of spectacular, most especially his voice, it was so badass that you’d rather hear him speak than hear the sound of his pistol. Anyways, thumbs up, will share this article, and I am hoping you can make some video game reviews as well.

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